Going to Niigata, SMAP 2001 concert
by Totoro

It is a little bit unbelievable that this is the 4th year I go to Japan for SMAP concerts.  I am really lucky that I can make it.

We wait for the concerts for nearly a year and still in May, there was no news about SMAP concerts on Johnny's official page.  At that moment I was a little worry about that, wonder if they would hold Autumn concerts again?

But Takuya has once mentioned that SMAP will hold a Summer concert, and no one participate in any of the Summer drama, what do they do for Summer then?

While we were still waiting, all of a sudden, in the middle of June, we learnt that SMAP concerts will be held starting in late July.  The first show will be on 28/7.  Oh no, I had not yet booked the air tickets, and it's Summer time, additional charges was levied on.  But going to SMAP concerts is one of my "annual events", so, let's be a big spender once!  Haha.

Go for the first show?

When I took a look at the schedule and places for SMAP concerts, I was shocked by the places, three parks.  "Parks"?  Must be outdoor, and the first one is at Niigata.  Where is it?  Actually at that time still Totoro did not know where is Niigata, only know that Niigata is a place famous for rice, as I came across the name in "Dochi na cooking show".  Haha.  Niigata should be a place similar to Akita, the country side.

My friend checked that we have to take 2 hours JR to Niigata, oh, that's similar to the time taken to Sendai.  On the other hand, we were worried about the place for staying.  Cause we knew that once the concert schedule was out, all the hotels at Nagaoka was fully booked.

Besides, as Totoro was busy at work, I could not take too many annual leaves.  So I wondered if I should go to Niigata, or Osaka a week after.  Cause there were 3 shows at Osaka, so going for the weekend would be time saving.

Luckily God chose for Totoro, our applications for Osaka failed.  On the other hand, we got the tickets of Niigata on 28/7, the first show.  "I always say that the first show is the greatest.  And now I get the tickets, why shouldn't I go?"

Moreover, my friends QQ and piggy also got the tickets to Niigata, so we booked the air tickets.  With the help of a friend, we booked the last two rooms at a hotel at Tsubasamchome, a city next to Nagaoka.  Haha, we were really lucky ne.


On 27/7, as QQ and piggy will go to Osaka after going to Niigata, their flight was to Osaka first.  Totoro met them at the airport and said, "if you cannot book the train directly from Osaka to Niigata, then go to Tokyo and stay with me, I will treat you the dinner."  Haha, when I arrived Tokyo, I got the call from QQ that they were on their way to Tokyo.  Oh, so we met within 12 hours, so dramatically.  But it's great, we could watch "Cho Nan Kan" in the night together.

We got on the early train to Tsubasamchome and to the hotel.  We took the "early check-in" and paid 30% for the room.  We were surprised when the lady at the front desk spoke Mandarin to us.  So we told her, "we will be back late in the night to check in other rooms."  She replied, "ok, you must be going to SMAP concerts."  Haha, maybe most of the guests in that hotel for that weekend were to SMAP concerts.

After settle down, we took a walk around the city.  Tsubasamchome is better than Odate, there is a large shopping mall and some factory outlet shops.  We even bought some stuff at those shops.

Going to the Park

After lunch, we went to Nagaoka.  You don't have to know where to take the shuttle bus from the station to the Park, the concert venue, cause once you came out from the JR station, there was a long queue .  We wait for 45 minutes to go on the shuttle bus.  The return tickets were 800 yens per head.  QQ was calculating, "800 yens for each, the venue could hold for 30 thousand people, say half of them take the bus.  Wah, they get at least 24 million dollars for the two days."  Wah, haha, sorry that we were too "money oriented".


It took 40 minutes to the park.  Ah, the entrance of the park is beautiful.

The weather of that day was really good, 34 degree with a clear sky.  So you could find people sitting under some "shelter" to escape from the burning sun.

It was a little bit inconvenience that as that area did not expect so many people using mobile phones at the same time, the whole mobile phone system was down.  We could not make any call within the park.

The souvenirs

We took a look at Nakai and Shingo's unchiwa when we walked into the park.  "Kakkoii."  They wore suits.  However, we still did not "meet" Tsuyoshi's.  Once we found one, we just could not stop saying "kakkoii." Haha.

We rushed to the stores selling the souvenirs.  Wah, the concert booklet is heavy this year, as the cover is made of hard paper.

We screamed when we looked at the posters and writing pads of Nakai and Tsuyoshi, as they are so "beautiful".  Shingo's is kakkoii, Goro is so cool and Takuya looks like Bakki.

We said that actually selling souvenirs is the major income for Johnny's, the tickets are only sold at 6,500 yens each.  However, for the souvenirs, as crazy as Totoro, who bought all the stuff (and for the "members", I buy SMAP, Nakai and Tsuyoshi), had to spend at least 30 thousand yens, so, so....

Totoro did not buy the T-shirts (they are too small to fit fat fat Totoro la), and the airline bag.  The bag costs 4 thousand yens but does not look "good" (to Totoro).  On the other hand, you should think of the MD bag and the SMAP watch, the watch is from "Swatch", light and kakkoii, haha.

The stage and our seats

Someone mentioned that there is no seating for outdoor concert venue, we had to queue up for our seats.  Not joking?  We cannot get the seats even queuing up days before.

Don't worry, the above is just a rumor.  Actually there is seat number marked on your ticket.  Just like the one at Tokyo Dome, there is a "zone", e.g. A1.  Then within the zone, there are rows.  About 50 to 60 people a row.  There is a white band putting on the floor, and there is a number on the white band.  So you have to find your number and behind the band is your seat.

The "floor plan" for Niigata is A1, left haramichi, A2, A3, center haramichi, A4, A5, right haramichi, A6.  And there were only 4 zones for B, C & D.  There were about 500 to 800 people in a zone.  So in total there were not "so many people".

Besides, at first we thought that there was no "stand", all were "arena".  However, there is a slope around the stage.  So people standing at Zone C & D were like sitting at the "stand" area, not bad.

For the stage, quite similar to last year's, there are 3 large TV, and many "SMAP" logos.

Totoro looked around when seated.  There were 3 large shelves at the back facing the stage.  In the middle should be the control panel.  There were 6 large spot lights on each shelf, and yee... there is a staff sitting next to each spot lights to control the lights.  Wah, it was really hot.  Oh, thanks, Mr. Spot light.

The show started

We were getting excited, how would SMAP start their concert this year?

On the screen showing SMAP, but like what we see at the beginning of the movie of "20th Century Fox", haha, copying the idea?  Then, SMAP's "Lion Heart" MTV was shown, "Fly", the MTV in the past in the descending order, and a clock appeared also winding anti clockwise, "dick, dick, dick, dick".....
Then there is the Earth, and "10 Year"....
Then "10 Year" changed to "10 Dollar", "$10"....
SMAP appeared at the top of the center of the stage, going down from the lift....

The show started!

The "amazing" pink rose suits

Totoro was nearly fainted when I noted that SMAP were wearing a suit with pink rose, and rose made by cloth in the front, and a pink vest under the suit, killing me!

They sang two songs.  Then they stopped the music and said hello to the audience.  Haha, they did so, might be in order to save energy for the dance afterwards.

After two other songs, they went to the center haramichi.  Nakai said, "you should like to take a look at how we change our clothes."  Haha, "Yes, yes."  We shouted.  Nakai said, "this year, we will change our clothes on the stage."  Wah!  So we all got ready with our telescopes, haha!  Baga!

Actually they went into a room in the middle of the stage, and the light turned on, so showing their "shadow" on the door.  They changed quickly, however, Shingo, the naughty boy, as usual, played around.  He stroke some posts of muscular man with "S" shape, haha.

"Ok, are you ready?"  Nakai asked.

The old songs

They wore an "overall" suit in dark blue, with the SMAP logo on it.

They sang "Can't Stop" when coming out.  Haha.  The screen was showing the "original" "Can't Stop" MTV.  And, and, SMAP tried to dance with the same steps as in the old MTV, cho-kawaii ne!

After "Can't Stop", they sang "Don't cry baby".  Other than the old MTV, they also showed some of their photos years ago.  Wah, all of them were so cute.  Heehee.

They then went to the changing room again.

Playing basketball with black & white clothes

We all thought that SMAP would appear again in the center of the stage from the changing room, however, they went out from the right haramichi, which gave us a surprise!

Tsuyoshi and Shingo sang another old song in 001, woo!

Nakai, Goro and Takuya went to the basketball stand on the left haramichi, they started singing the song, "Snow is falling.."

They wore casual wear in black & white, for example, Tsuyoshi is in white T-shirt and black track trousers, Nakai in white vest and white trousers.  However, Nakai-kun, seems that you gain pounds... haha.

They put off their jackets and went to the center of the stage again, Nakai said, "Er?  What is in the middle of the stage?"  Haha, there were 5 chairs and the school bell rang.....

Talking part

As usual, they talked about what they did recently.  They started with Tsuyoshi in Korea.  Nakai asked, "Tsuyoshi, say some Korean ok?"
Tsuyoshi?  He put away his mic and said, "no, no, I will have a part on this."  Haha, Tsuyoshi, why you are shy of saying Korean?  Shingo hit Tsuyoshi on his face.  Stop!  Shingo!
Tsuyoshi asked, "do you watch "Cho Nan Kan" (Tsuyoshi's TV program in Korea)?"  Sure we shouted "yes, yes."
He continued to say, "But seems that only in Tokyo area you can watch the program.  Don't worry, ask your friends in Tokyo to record this program for you."
Nakai said, "no, no, as far as I know, this program is now showing in Kansei area too."  Haha, Tsuyoshi was very embarrassed at that moment.  On the other hand, seems that Nakai, the SMAP baga, really knows all SMAP TV programs.

Nakai turned to Shingo, "you do not lose any weight at all."  "No, no.  Don't say so.  Actually the shape you are looking at is made from CG effect.  You are fooled by me."  Haha, Shingo, who will believe in you?  However, frankly speaking, Shingo is not so "fat".  Heehee.

Nakai said, "ah, you participated in a drama with Nakayama-san?"  "Yes, we become very good friends, too good that we did not speak to each other at all."  Haha, Shingo, who will believe in you?

When Nakai tried to talk with Goro, they spotted a bug flying around.  Goro was afraid of the bug and ran away.  Haha, the others teased him that he is "extraordinary", how can he be one of the SMAP members?

Nakai lastly turned to Takuya, "you should be shooting the film... Er?  This should be the third year we talk about you shooting "2046", so, would you..."  Haha, Takuya tried to hit Nakai at once.

Our "Cho Nan Kan"

An ANA plane arrived at Narita airport, and Cho Nan Kan went in front of the screen.  He said that he would like to sing his song.  The Cho Nan Kan posters appeared on the screen.  Then in the middle of the stage a platform lift up, in the front was a giant Cho Nan Kan poster, and our Cho Nan Kan, was standing on the platform.  Wa!  Cho Nan Kan is cho-kakkoii!

Haha, Totoro laughed happily, as I have never seen Cho Nan Kan with a little pig tail on his right side, so kakkoii!

It is very effective for Totoro to listen to the Korean "Asahi" for 4 times a day, at least I could follow and sang with Cho Nan Kan.

Goro's "If you give your heart"

Goro went out in a purple suit and sang "if you give your heart".  Totoro like this song and sang with him, haha.

Then the others went out and sang a love song.

"Interesting" Yozo

SMAP stood one by one on the stage and the music of Yozo sounded, Tsuyoshi was the first one who sang... all went smoothly....

Goro was prepared to sing his part, he strike a kakkoii post... that part should be started with "a no ko no"... Tsuyoshi standing at the other side was also prepared to sing with Goro... Haha!  Goro sang "a re ka ra", in stead of what Tsuyoshi sang "a no ko no".  Tsuyoshi at once stopped singing and looking at Goro.  However, Goro was totally devoted to the song and did not note any difference.... Tsuyoshi could only say something to Nakai, and then laughed.  Hey, did you think that no one know what you were doing?  Sorry la, Totoro spotted what's happening, heehee....

SMAP Pizza

After Yozo they went to the backstage again.  Then a phone appeared on the screen ringing.  A fat man picked up the phone, Nakai was on the other side.  He would like to make an order.

Nakai : I would like to have 4 orders of kakkoii SMAP.  Kimura-san, Inagaki-san, Kusanagi-san and Katori-san each please.
Fat man : Ok, total of 1,980 yens.  Ah, we are now promoting Nakai at only 200 yens, do you want one?
Nakai : That cheap?  But no, thanks.
Fat man : Ok, then 4 orders, will be delivered within 30 minutes.

Then the 5 of them appeared behind the fat man.  The fat man said, "Kimura, Inagaki, Kusanagi, Katori, get ready." They opened their eyes and said, "dishita. (Ready)"  Nakai said, "why don't order me?  I am only selling at 200 yens."  Haha.

The " real" Nakai walked to the middle of the stage and said, "let me have a 30 minutes talk show.  Haha, just joking... ah, the order comes, let's see what's the first."

Ha,  Bakki came out!  He danced with the dancers.  Woo, still the kakkoii Bakki!

"Bakki is kakkoii.  Hey, can we talk?"  Nakai asked.  However, Bakki went away coolly.

Nakai was a little bit unhappy.  "Ding dong."  The door bell rang again.  The music of "water melon song" started, Shingo and Goro went out, and put the water melon hat onto Nakai's hat.  Nakai danced with an embarrassing face. Ha.

Then "Tamori Tsuyoshi" went out for "the World mystery story".  He said "thank you" to everyone.
Totoro did not remember why, but at one moment Tsuyoshi should say "strange", however, an audience shouted out "strange" faster than Tsuyoshi said so.  So Tsuyoshi stopped and the others shouted "strange".  Nakai at once, clapped his hands and led us all to shout "strange, strange" in a pattern.  Haha.  Tsuyoshi did not know how to response at once!  Nakai asked Tsuyoshi, "so, what can you say?"  Tsuyoshi said, "I should say "strange", but... now I can only say "cho-strange."  Haha! Tsuyoshi tried to run back to the backstage at once.  However, Nakai would not let him go peacefully, he asked us to shout "strange, strange" again while Tsuyoshi walking back.  So Tsuyoshi could only sang "I don't know what to say.." before going into the backstage.  Haha, Totoro laughed into tears.

Then the pink lady and Shingo went out, however, Totoro did not pay attention, sorry...

The theme song of Hero started and Takuya went out from the left stage coolly.  Nakai went to him and asked, "Are you hot in this winter jacket?"  "Yes, really hot!"  Haha, cho-kawaii Takuya!

Ah, what will they "act" on the second day?

Totoro's beloved part

The screen turned into a cartoon and a "I'm DJ" appeared.  He went on the stage and played with the album and the machine at the back, with a mask on, and don't know who he is.  Then the music with beats of solider marching started, the dancers matched out, then the door in the middle opened, five kakkoii soldiers (SMAP) went out.

They wore thick long jacket in black, same color trousers with the edge with diamonds, really look COOL!

The part was similar to the dancing part in 1999 Birdman concert, really HOT dancing part.
This year they danced even more professional, more attractive and COOL, they must have work very hard on this part.

After putting off the jacket, inside is a "see-through" shirt, woo, quite "sexy".
Takuya is really fit, Shingo is muscular, Tsuyoshi?  Seemed gained some weight, good.

They danced in pairs and one by one, Shingo was the first, however, he could not complete his part and even he himself laughed.  Baga!

For Tsuyoshi, sure he completed his flapping toward the stage perfectly.

But the most impressive and heatest part was Takuya dancing with Nakai, so kakkoii.  All of us screamed.

They also sang "Five True Love" in Rock & Rap style, really great.

This part is Totoro's beloved.

Orange + Lion Heart

They breath heavily after the dance, Totoro could even see sweat running off from their faces, the music of "Orange" started....
When it came to Tsuyoshi's part, Tsuyoshi walked to the middle haramichi.  Ha, the haramichi became a carousel, Tsuyoshi slipped to the front part in a kakkoii way, then Takuya followed.

After Orange, they sang Lion Heart.

When they went to the backstage, Mr. DJ also went into the backstage.  He went to the dressing room and put off his mask, ah!  He was Piko-chan.  Really he?  To us, we think "Mr. DJ" is Mori, how would Nakai forget about one of his best friends?  Nakai-kun, we get your meaning already.

Takuya's Ha

The spot lights shined on the stage, with soft Jazz music, ah, the music was familiar to us.  Ah, it is Takuya's Ha.  Takuya and the dancers went out and danced beautiful on the stage, really good.

Shingo's "Green Green"

Shingo wore a jacket with many holes on it, and sang the first two lines of "Green Green" without background music.  Woo, Shingo's voice is great!  Then he sang and danced happily on the stage.

Shingo Ma Ma

Shingo Ma Ma went out, he is much more beautiful then last year.  Honestly speaking, Shingo Ma Ma really looks like another person, not Shingo at all.  Shingo should be proud of himself to create such a successful character.

Shingo Ma Ma sang a new song, which was the first time we heard about it.  So we are not familiar with the song.  On the other hand, this song is still easy to catch up with.

Shingo Ma Ma even put on a big round sun-glasses ne.  Haha.

Kissing "Hajimete no Chu"

Takuya put on a white jacket with sun-glasses, took out an electronic guitar and started singing "Hajimete no Chu".  Once Takuya sang this song in 007 and this year, even better.  Other members came out and sang, also in white jacket and jeans.

Shingo was naughty, when he sang "chu", he pretended he was kissing us, he then gave us many kisses when he ran around, he was so cute.

Then they sang "Shake" and ran to the two sides and said hello to the fans.

The first encore

The screen showed the video of the concert parts, but in a rewinding way.  It then rewind to the very first part to the Earth.  But this time, "$10" became "Dynamite", the music started, "bong!" SMAP jumped out in the middle of the haramichi!  All of us were surprised.

They wore a suit in gold, haha, looked like the one in "Ma-Ha" (SMAPxSMAP).

The second encore

In the middle of the stage they put the "SMAP tm" giant lighting boxes, same as the logo.

SMAP wore a "SMAP T-shirt" out.  Haha.
What is the "SMAP T-shirt"?  For example, in the front part of Tsuyoshi's T-shirt is Nakai's big head, Nakai's is Shingo, Shingo is Goro, Goro is Takuya and Takuya's is Tsuyoshi.  So once naughty Takuya got Tsuyoshi in his arms and showed us two Tsuyoshi at the same time.  Haha, silly boy!

Actually the T-shirts are also used in their new single's promotion "Smac".

After Original Smile was the large firework, really great!  Similar to the one we saw in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.  It's beautiful.

Takuya went to the back stage so Shingo ran to get him out to look at the firework.

Nakai asked, "it must be expensive, how much?"  Haha, baga, Nakai-kun, you don't have to worry about spending how much.

The concert ended in this large firework.

Totoro's comments


Oh, Nakai-kun, you really gain many pounds and look fat.  You even have a little stomach.

Nakai's hair dyed into brown, but not the same as last year's golden.  It's great that he cut that "ugly" hair at the two sides.  Heehee.

Although Nakai does not look the same as before, he is still he, SMAP's leader, SMAP baga.

Don't know if because he is fat, he got tired just after a few songs.  Once he would like to get the bottle for water, but the bottle was mis-placed, he could not reach it, so he could only laughed.

Nakai is really a great host.  In that SMAP Pizza part, he got the gag of saying "strange" and the trick on Tsuyoshi, he at once asked us to say "strange, strange" together.  He could control the scene in a good way.

The most impressive part for Totoro is...
Ah, Totoro must confess and apologize, Totoro did not look at Bakki at all on the first day!
Totoro sat next to the center haramichi near the stairs.  So when Bakki went out, Nakai sat on the stairs in the dark and talked with the staff, just in front of Totoro...
So, so...
How can Totoro take off my eyes from Nakai?  Totoro and a Nakai fan nearby said "Nakai-kun, Nakai-kun".  He noted and waited at us.  Haha, Totoro went crazy at once.
Nakai-kun, sorry, we should have disturbed your discussion with the staff, however.... I could not hold myself.
Totoro could never forget how Nakai worked so hardly and seriously at that moment.


Takuya looked "dark" in The Television monthly, some Takuya friends asked Totoro to report if he is really "dark".
Haha, don't worry, Takuya did not look "dark", if the darkness is from 1 to 10, Takuya is only 5.

Takuya's hair is long, when he danced in "Ha", his hair shined.  Haha, Takuya really looked great in long hair.

Besides, Takuya could spot lots of thing.  He spotted QQ and piggy's "Cho Nan Kan" T-shirts, he told Tsuyoshi.  QQ said she saw Takuya said to Tsuyoshi like "Cho Nan", he even let Tsuyoshi sang his part.  Oh, thanks Takuya.


Doctor, sorry, Totoro looked at Goro the least this time.
But still, Goro was interesting when his hair got all wet.
And once he defence and talked quickly to Nakai, even Nakai was shocked.


It's great to find that Tsuyoshi gained some weight, and he looked "genki".  He is still the guy Totoro familiar with, he is so friendly and laughed all the way.

The only thing he had to work hard is to react faster to the tricks played by Nakai and Shingo.  Haha.

The place where Totoro stood always looked at the back of SMAP and Tsuyoshi, however, to Totoro, I looked at the most beautiful back la.  Haha.
Besides, Tsuyoshi always danced in front of Totoro, I nearly fainted.

Really lucky to say so, there are few Tsuyoshi fans around Totoro, so when he walked along our side, he always waited to us.  There was an unforgettable moment that once Tsuyoshi stopped for a while, stared at Totoro for about 10 seconds, with a facial expression that, "is this Totoro I have even met?"  Then seemed that he confirmed that he knew me and knobbed his head to me, just like saying hello to a friend, not the fans...
It is all true, not make up by Totoro, cause other members also say hello to us, but just as I've mentioned, just the "hi" to the fans, not to friends.

Haha, Tsuyoshi, you are so kind and friendly that Totoro will continue to be a die hearted fan of you.

Totoro also mentioned that I like Tsuyoshi's hard working.  This year Totoro is happy to see that Tsuyoshi danced, sang hardly, well done!

Besides, the way how Tsuyoshi stared at others always "kills" me.  During the talking part, he stared at Shingo, looking at him how Shingo argued with Nakai, wore a smile on his face, aiya! If he were staring at Totoro, Totoro must "die" at once.  Haha.


Totoro still felt that the other members were "working" in the concerts, however, Shingo gave us the feeling that he was playing around, he enjoyed singing on the stage".

Many Shingo fans shouted "Shingo", and the sound of "Shingo" is sharp and cute.  What did Shingo do when someone shout his name?  He looked angry and tried to find out who was shouting his name, when he found the person, he gave the fan a very lovely smile.  Haha, this naught boy!

Shingo was so attractive on stage.  He got the power of holding other's eyes onto him.  He showed us that he was really happy on stage, danced and played around crazily.  As a result, Totoro spotted on Shingo a lot.  Heehee.

Niigata, the second day

The run down was similar to that of the first day, only that the song of Tsuyoshi and Shingo was replaced by a song of Takuya and Goro's.

In the SMAP Pizza, there was no Pink lady, but adding Shingo's Jaccs Card.

During the clothes changing time, Goro changed quickly, so he started playing around.  Takuya played with Goro, he went to Goro and gave him a hug, then gave him a kiss.  Haha, baga!  Nakai asked if they were ready, Shingo shouted, "not yet, I played around and not yet changed the clothes."  Haha.  So Nakai asked Tsuyoshi to say something for the time being, but Tsuyoshi said, "what should I say?"  Haha.

Today's' Cho Nan Kan ran from the backstage and jumped onto the platform, cho-kakkoii.  However, he sang off key once and even laughed out, oh, no.

At the last part, during the firework, Tsuyoshi was standing nearby watching the firework happily.  Today's firework is different from yesterday's, Totoro really would like to look at it, however, Totoro's eyes could not leave Tsuyoshi, baga!

Other notes


In the past, when going to Sendai or Akita, Totoro did not go to the scenery nearby.  However, at Niigata, my friend taught us to take the JR to an onsen (hot spring) village nearby.  We went up the hill by cable car and went to the skiing slopes, with some very beautiful flowers.  We played the grass skiing.  And at last took a bath at the onsen (hot spring), really comfortable.  Unexpectedly great!

Outdoor concerts

Outdoor concerts are really great!  Really fun!  But really depends on the fine weather.

Traveling alone

Totoro went on the plane alone, cause QQ and piggy went to Osaka first.  Totoro rather preferred to sit with friends.

Besides, during concerts, Totoro also sat alone.  On the first day, I made a friend next to me, who is a Nakai-fan.  However, on the second day, it was quite difficult to communicate with the girls nearby, so Totoro found quite lonely.

Totoro think watching concerts with friends is funnier and happier, at least we can shout "kakkoii" loudly together.

Sorry, Totoro keep on talking too much...