818 Nakai Birthday Party at Hiroshima
by  Crazy Totoro

Totoro really did not plan to go to Hiroshima.  When my friend asked me when and where to apply for SMAP concerts this year, I just made a joke and said, "how about 818 and try my luck?"  Haha, baga! "Bingo!"  Totoro belong to the forest, so Totoro must go back to the forest.  My friend told me that my application on 818 is a success, and the seats are at Arena A!!!!! What should I do?

Cause Totoro is busy at work these days, taking leaves seem impossible.  On the other hand, Totoro really would like to go due to the following 5 big reasons:-

1. Not every year 818 falls on the weekend;
2. Not every year 818 SMAP hold a concert;
3. Last year on Tsuyoshi's birthday Totoro was in Japan, however, Totoro did not "physically" meet Tsuyoshi.  But for 818, Totoro will have a chance to "meet" Nakai on that day;
4. The seats are in Arena A, good seats;
5. Totoro is also a Nakai fan.....

As a result, Totoro decided to take only half day leave on Friday afternoon and just go to Hiroshima for 818, one show only!  Haha, am I crazy enough?

The show was actually held in a city of Hiroshima.  Totoro checked from the internet that it takes less time to travel to a city called Okayama then to Hiroshima, which is only 1 hour JR from Osaka.  And Johnny's provides shuttle bus from Okayama JR station.  So Totoro decided to stay at Okayama.

Okayama is a modern city.  The underground mall is very large.  Totoro and Nakai Ah 4 walked around and had our lunch there.

We are lucky to find that the hotel we stay is just opposite to the car park where we take the Johnny's shuttle buses.  Haha.

When we approached to the car park, wa, there were lots of people.  And funnier there were lots of coaches too.  They were those large coaches for sight-seeing.  We queued up and quite quickly we got on a coach within 20 minutes.  The bus started.  It ran to the highway and went through many tunnels through the hills.  It was hot outside while it was very comfortable in the coach with air-conditioning, Totoro fell asleep.....

After about 1.5 hours, Mr. Driver told us that he would stop at a park where we could go to the toilet and bought some food and drinks.  Ah, what a good arrangement.  However, all the "concert coaches" stayed there, so it took another 45 minutes when the coach started again.  After another hour, eventually we arrived at the park.

Going in the park

The park is much larger than the one at Niigata.  It was very interesting that many people hide themselves under every "shelter" they could find, even under the bridge, under a very small tree, brushes.  Haha.

Besides, there was no daifuya.  Haha, sure, who would like to go to that venue without a ticket?  By taking 2.5 hours bus?

We arrived early at the park (around 3:30 p.m.).  There were not many people at the stores selling SMAP souvenirs, as most of the fans should have already bought them in previous venues.

We took some photos, bought the SSF DVDs, Ura SMAP...etc.  However, still we got much time, it was just 4:30 p.m. and the show started at 6:00 p.m.....

Setting of the seats

When Totoro and Ah 4 approached to our seats, we screamed.  Cause our seats is on the second row and near the center haramichi.  The setting at Hiroshima was different from Niigata.  It started with the left haramichi, A1, A2, A3, center haramichi, A4, A5, A6, right haramichi.  And the haramichi is not long.  Haha.

The show started....

The show began, we expected there would be "something special" for Nakai's birthday.

The first part was similar to Niigata's, but the songs arrangement was not the same.

During the part where they changed clothes, they played around this time.  They strike the "S" post together, haha.  And, and, there was no basketball stand.  In stead, they went to the center of the stage and there were two bicycles, one with two seats.  Tsuyoshi and Goro went on the two seats, while Nakai put on a cap and rode on another one.  They had to ride onto a slope.  Tsuyoshi and Goro tried their best to go up the slope, Nakai?  He slide down!  Watch out Nakai!  However, Nakai only laughed, aiya!

Today Shingo, Tsuyoshi and Nakai changed their clothes.  Tsuyoshi wore a T-shirt with many words writing on it and the color is dark.  Nakai wore an overall in white, with no T-shirt inside, he is very cute in that suit.

Talking part

Actually Totoro did not remember what SMAP talked during that part, cause Totoro was expecting the birthday party.  Sorry.  All Totoro remembered was that Takuya took the lead for the MC part.  And once Nakai thanked us to take such a long time to that concert venue.  So Tsuyoshi asked, "who select this place then?"  He was pushed by Nakai at once.  He would like to go back to where he stood, however Nakai asked him to stand in the middle.  Tsuyoshi said, "no, no, the middle belongs to you, I should stand at the left side."  Nakai said, "hey, who says that you must stand at the left side?  There is no fix position for us ma.  Ok, now you are the host and stand in the middle, what do you want to talk about?"  Haha!  Nakai well done!  On the other hand, Tsuyoshi did not know what to say again..... Poor guy.

Birthday party

Takuya led them back to the center of the stage and took out a guitar.  He said that they should start another part.  Starting from Osaka, after the first talking part, it was the karaok part.  SMAP chose a song and sang together with the fans.  So Takuya said, "ok, the music starts..."

"Happy birthday to you..." the music started and the dancers took out a birthday cake with candles, and bunches of flowers.  They gave the bunches to the SMAP members too.  So we sang the birthday song together for Nakai!

After one time, Takuya said, "no, no, when we sing to the line "happy birthday dear ...., someone sing "Nakai", someone sing "Masahiro", quite not in order, so, can we compromise a name to sing together?"  Shingo suggested "Nakai chu-chu", Nakai suggested "Masahiro" as it is also the name of his nephew.  But then they compromised "Nakai-sama".  Cause Shingo said "hey, hurry, the candles burn fast!"  Haha.

As a result, we sang again and sang "happy birthday dear Nakai sama..."  Nakai blew out the candles and the firework burst out!  Nakai was shocked and he stepped back, haha.  But at once he said, "thank you, bye bye."  Haha, great Nakai!  This is not the end of the show wor!  Baga!

Shingo asked Nakai, "how old are you?"  "29."  "Not 30?"  "Not 30, 29, 29.  I am sensitive to 30!"  Nakai said.  So Shingo announced, "Happy Birthday!  Today is Nakai's 31st birthday!"  Haha!  We all laughed onto the floor, while Nakai yelled at the side, "no, no, 29, 29, 29. 29....."

Then, the members and the dancers gave the flowers to Nakai.  Actually they were "putting" the flowers to him.  When his hands were filled with flowers, the dancers put the other flowers into his pockets, around his belt... etc., haha, very cute, a moving vase!

Nakai could not take a breath from the flowers, so he asked us to stop.  He would like to say something..... "Today, 818, now is 7:05 p.m., I will not forget!"  Nakai said in a very touching way, he even "pretended" that he would like to cry!  Haha!  He repeated, "I will not forget today! Please follow me to say, 'I will not forget today.'"  So we followed, "will not forget!"

Nakai : I'm happy...
We    : We're happy....
Nakai : It is interesting....
We    : It is interesting.....
Nakai : La.. la..la..la...Lo..lo..lo..lo....

Haha, Nakai did not know what to say, so he just said, "la..la..la..la", sure we played with him and shouted "la..la..la..la."  Haha!  Very funny!

All of a sudden Nakai found something, he ran to a dancer, who was facing the stage at that moment, he push the dancer to face the audience, the guy was crying!  Nakai and Shingo pushed him out and told us, "he is the leader of the dancers and has been with SMAP for 10 years!"  So we all clapped our hands hardly.  Nakai asked, "can you give me a Birthday dance as my present?"  We all yelled.  "Ok." The leader agreed and he started dancing, he asked us to clap our hands for a beat, he then twisted out to the furthest end of the center haramichi, stopped for a while, then ran back to the center of the stage, stopped in front of the birthday cake, dropped his face onto the cake!!!!

Haha! All of us, everyone, including SMAP, were surprised by him!  We stopped for a while then burst into laughs!  Haha, he was too interesting!

"Yozona no Muko" Karaok

Nakai was still laughing at the leader for what he did, he even did several times how the leader put his face to the cake.  Haha, don't be naught, birthday boy!

Takuya then said, "how about we give a present to Nakai?  We sing a song for him?"  The audience shouted "Best friends".  Totoro was sure that SMAP heard the name of the song but they denied.  Shingo said, "you do not say the name at the same time, we cannot hear it.  Ok, let me count 1, 2 and you say together.  1, 2..."  "Best friends" We shouted.  "Best friends?"  SMAP were surprised to hear this name.

Nakai said, "no, no, this song must be sung by 6 persons, however, Mori is not here.... besides, I forget the lyrics."  Takuya continued to say, "we do not prepare to sing this song, so the band do not know how to play the music."  On the other hand, we yelled "Er? Er?" in order to let them know that we wanted them to sing this song.  So Takuya said again, "ok, but we have to go to the backstage to practice for an hour."  They just tried their best not to sing this song, why?

Takuya then turned to Tsuyoshi, "you choose a song."  Tsuyoshi said, "Yozona."  Takuya teased Tsuyoshi, "Yozona what?  There are many songs start with Yozona."  Haha, Takuya....

Nakai said, "ok, ok, let's divide the audience into two teams.  Team A is me and Tsuyoshi, the left side is Nakai-Tsuyoshi Team!"  Too lucky that Totoro was on the left side!  Takuya said, "then the right side is Takuya-Goro Team."  Nakai asked Shingo, "how about you? Join us?"  Shingo replied, "I'd better join Takuya team."

Shingo further taught us, "Nakai-Tsuyoshi team starts with the first two lines of the song, then Takuya-Goro team the third and forth line, then together sing the following lines, ok?"

Nakai asked, "Where should we start?"  In Japanese is "Do ko ka ra."  Shingo replied quickly, "Do ko ka ra? Sure "A re ka ra"!"  Haha, Shingo, sugoi!   Nakai said, "ah yes, 'A re ka ra'."

So under Tsuyoshi and Nakai's instruction, we started the first two lines, then the right side, then together.... the music started and SMAP was about to sing the whole song....

Tsuyoshi sang the first two lines, then, he forgot the lyrics of the third line!  He would like to skip it by just murmuring... but all of a sudden there was a silence and everyone noted that, Takuya asked "stop the music!"  He went to Tsuyoshi angrily!  Tsuyoshi was afraid.  Takuya went in front of Tsuyoshi and stared at Tsuyoshi, Tsuyoshi could only apologize and he even kneed onto the floor.  At that moment, Takuya was really cute when he stared at Tsuyoshi.

So all started over again and this time, Tsuyoshi successfully sang his part.

Woo! Super happy that Totoro have never thought of singing "Yozona" with SMAP!

Cho Nan Kan

Totoro saw Cho Nan Kan jumped onto the platform with the help of a bouncing bed at the back.  Cho Nan Kan did not sing off key today.  Haha.

SMAP Pizza

1. Bakki
- Nakai told Bakki that today is his birthday, so Bakki gave a deep kiss to Nakai, and Nakai got that with much happiness.

2. Water melon song
- Nakai asked Goro and Shingo to say something, but they did not even move, Nakai shouted, "water melon man, please speak something!"  But they left!

3. Tamori
- "Tamori" said that he was "Tsumori".  Nakai asked him to say something so that we replied "So desu ne." (Right.)  Tsuyoshi said, "the weather is good." "We are at Hiroshima."  Nakai said, "hey, if we are not at Hiroshima, where are we?"  Haha.  Tsuyoshi continued, "SMAP is kakkoii."  "Cho Nan Kan sing well."  Nakai asked again, "Cho Nan Kan does not sing off key today?  You are promoting yourself ne."  Tsuyoshi said, "no, no, Cho Nan Kan is another person, I do not know him."  Haha.

4. Goro
- Goro wore a bathing coat and took out his book in order to promote it.  He danced elegantly on the stage.  On the other hand, Nakai yelled, "Goro, be ware, I see your underwear inside the coat.  Nakai asked Tsumori to stay and Tsumori competed with Goro to say something about the name of the book.  Haha.

5. Tanaka-san
- Shingo went out when the others went to the backstage, he said that he would like to sing a song of Arashi, but he just sang two lines and the lines turned off.....

The kakkoii dance

Totoro have already mentioned that this dancing part is my beloved.  Today is even better cause Totoro sat close to the stage, I could see how they run along to different position for the dance.  For example, when Shingo and Nakai were dancing on the first floor, Goro, Takuya and Tsuyoshi were prepared to dance at the center.  So Totoro did not even close her eyes to take a look at this marvelous part!

Unexpected part

After Takuya's "Ha" and Shingo's "Green Green", Totoro was prepared for the kakkoii "Hajemete no Chu", but.....

Nakai wore a shining silver coat appeared in the top of the stage, and ready to sing!  Totoro and Ah 4 shouted as loudly as we could.  Nakai sang the first two lines, ah!  It is Glay's "However"!  Nakai sang the whole song!  Woo!  Nakai did so well!  His voice really fit for the "Rock'N Roll" song!

Totoro and Ah 4 shouted loudly and clapped hardly.  Nakai went into the backstage, we thought that was finished, but.... "Bok, bok, bok, bok.." the sound started, a group of "mocks" came out, not kidding?  It is the "intro" part of Nakai's solo in Viva Amiga 1998 "My life is...."!  The voice said, "Mappy is back again!"  At the last part of the intro in that song said that Nakai was passed away, Totoro thought, "but today is Nakai's birthday, would they..."  The screen showing "Mappy is back!"  Wah!  Totoro and Ah 4 went crazy!

Nakai went out again.  Ah yes, similar to 98, Nakai's silver coat was tore into two parts, inside Nakai wore a black vest and short pants, in the front is a pink "Mappy" word and at the back is the "Ura SMAP" logo.  Haha, SMAP baga!   All of us were ready for the dance of this song.

Some characters appeared in the video in the middle part of this song, so who will appear this year?  Ah!  The first one is Nakai's elder brother!  He came out and said that he would like to have the signature of Takuya's as his sons and daughter like Takuya.  Even Nakai's nephews and niece appeared in the video with Nakai's brother.

Then the following part we shouted "Ni-chan! Ni-chan!" (Brother)

The second one is a cute old lady. Nakai said that she is his grandmother, who is now 90 years old and living in Osaka.  Wa!  Grandma put on a wig with blue in color, with two horns in yellow, very cute!  She asked us, "am I cute?"  Sure we shouted "yes!"  She said, "sorry, hiro-chan, among SMAP, I like Goro-chan most."  Haha, Grandma, you are too cute!

So we shouted "Grandma, grandma!" in the next part.

The third one Nakai said is his father.  We were all surprised.  Nakai's father is eating a bowl of "Yoshino ya" beef rice in the video, he also drank the "Onsen" beer.  (The two CMs are by Nakai.)  Haha!  Papa then took out "Ura SMAP" and asked us, "have you yet bought the CD?  Me?  I like "2 dollars"."  Haha, he even sang a few lines..... Hey, not yet finished, Papa said, "do you know why Nakai always wear a hat in "Iidomo"?  Here is the answer."  He took off his hat and he is half bore head.  Papa took out a UNO moose and spread some out, put some onto his head, face and his arms!  Haha, Totoro laughed into tears.  Nakai Papa, you are sugoi!  That's why your son is that "great"!  Like father like son!  Haha!

So we shouted "Papa, papa!" loudly.

Not enough?  Here comes "Naoi Sensei", the doctor in "The love and life of the white", Nakai's drama.

Sensei appeared with a cigarette in his hand coolly.  He spoke coolly, "I am Naoi, do you miss me?  Last time I went to Sapporo but I did not die.  Naoi won't die."  We yelled, but after 10 seconds, Sensei got an attack of his illness and felt down!  Haha~

When we yelled "Naoi, Naoi", the video showed different angles how he was fainted, very interesting!

Nakai also looked at the video on the stage.  He laughed and rolled on the floor when he saw his father's part!

Not yet finished?  Nakai said, "How can I leave out SMAP?"

So the other four appeared on stage and "Hajimete no chu" started....

Totoro was burst into laugh at that moment, and eyes filled with tears of happiness.  The past few minutes were marvelous!  We did not expect any Nakai solo at all!  And that part is that great and happy, we even get a chance to know Nakai's family, really really GREAT!

Encore part

Nothing different for the encore part.  Ah, but the shirt with "SMAP heads" is different.  Tsuyoshi's is Shingo, Shingo's Takuya, Takuya's Nakai, Nakai's Goro and Goro's is Tsuyoshi.

In the second encore part, while Totoro was looking at Shingo, Nakai and Tsuyoshi went out in front of Totoro, haha!  Nakai put on the large towel of SMAP like the Superman jacket, but got another one for the audience.  Nakai and Tsuyoshi went to the left haramichi and threw the towel to the audience, at that moment, Totoro got the feeling that, "ha, seem that they are throwing the bride's flowers, kekekekekeke.....

Ah, once Tsuyoshi went in front of us and the Tsuyoshi fans around shouted his name, he took away the mic and said, "mata, mata... (later, later)".  He kept his promise and went back and sang part of the song just in front of Totoro and Ah 4, haha!  Totoro got fainted!

During the firework, Totoro did not look at the firework again, cause my eyes stick to the two at the left haramichi, who were talking and laughing happily, the Nakai-Tsuyoshi team!

After the concert

This is not the first time Totoro watched SMAP concerts for 2001, but today seems brand new to Totoro, I'd never expected a Nakai solo ma!

When we walked along the roads to the car park for the coaches, the car park was filled with buses with lights on, really like in the cartoon "the valley of the wind", of the sense which the hill was filled with moving monsters with red eyes!  Haha!

The Kusanagi family called us several time when we were back to Okayama.  However, as the bus went through many tunnels, the line cut all the time, sorry friends.

The bus arrived at Okayama JR Station at 12:30 a.m.  but Totoro and Ah 4 did not feel tired as we were still in "high" tension ma!

On Sunday we went back to Osaka and found the Yoshino Ya to take a photo of Nakai.  We took the ANA promoting board at the airport, haha.

Even more crazy we rush to the chairs (in yellow) at the waiting room inside the airport and took another photo.

Going to SMAP concerts at outdoor venue is really fun.  Please try next year!  Besides, if Johnny's arrange for the transportation, better take that, cause it is really convenience and comfortable.

So, Totoro went back to HK with lots of unforgettable memories!


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