Totoro "S map Tour" 2000, Sendai


I got many surprises before going to SMAP concerts this year. The very first is change of dates. According to last two years’ experiences, I expected that SMAP would hold their concerts in summer. In order to smooth the progress, I even booked the air-tickets for July and September.

However, we got the news that they will hold an autumn concert rather than a summer one. That’s why there was no news at all re SMAP concerts even in April. Oops, I had to change my plan totally, the booking of air-tickets and hotels.

After the schedule is out, I planned to go to the very first and last show of SMAP concerts, i.e. going to Sapporo and Tokyo. I have never been to Sapporo, so was quite happy that I could take this chance to visit Sapporo as well. The second surprise I got was all my applications for Sapporo failed! I could not believe that! The Japanese fans said that the tickets were so tight as the venue is small! Oh no! I have to change my plan again. You can image how unhappy and disappointed I was when I got the bad news. I was eager to meet SMAP but my hope was vanished.

I was angry and would like to cancel all my annual leaves applied for October. Luckily, a friend reminded me that it was not difficult to find tickets at Sendai, as the concerts were held in weekday and the venue was not convenience. Frankly specking, I had never thought of going to Sendai. However, the concerts were held just 3 days after Sapporo, which was still earlier than meeting SMAP in November. Besides, I had been to Akita, a place far more difficult to go Sendai? It is a city and should be easy to reach. As a result, I booked the air-tickets and hotel and got everything ready just two weeks before Sendai concerts.

Luckily we acted fast to book the hotel. One of the concertgoers said that once her travel agent asked her, "what is happening on 17 to 19 October at Sendai? All the hotels at Sendai are fully booked." Haha, this is the magic of SMAP.

Arrive at Sendai

When we arrived at Tokyo, we at once caught the JR to Sendai. As we could only booked the JR tickets at Narita Airport, and the train was quite full, we had to seat separately. As usual, we walked along the coach and talked to each other. The gentleman sitting next to me was interested and asked where I came from. When I told him that I am from HK and went to Sendai for SMAP concerts, he could not believe so. He said, "Ah, that’s why it is difficult for us to book a hotel at Sendai. We go there for an international conference."

We went to the hotel and settled down, then headed to dinner and rushed back to the hotel for "Pu-SMAP". It’s great that I "met" Tsuyoshi on TV on the first day of the concert trip!

The first day of my "S map Tour", Sendai

We got more spare time this year as we’ve already found the tickets. But Sendai Shellcom is still a new place to us, we decided to go earlier after lunch.

We took the metro train to the terminal as instructed on the ticket. While we were approaching to the terminal, we could see the dome. "Hey! That’s the venue, just like a big white ball on the ground, and similar to the Odate Dome in Akita ne."

As we could see the dome, we thought that it should not be far away from the station, so we decided to walk there. However… a big mistake! The road was long and not easy to go. We took nearly 30 minutes to go to the dome. Really a good exercise before the concert.


Actually I’ve already taken a look at the booklet of the concert the night before, already noted that SMAP members are super-kakkoii in the booklet. However, I have not yet seen the posters, uchiwas, writing pads, and have never expected that…

"Oh, Cho-kakkoii!" I rushed to the counters at once. "Could you please give me the posters of SMAP, Nakai, Tsuyoshi…" Surprise, haha, the purchasing power of a lady can be that strong. Have you ever seen a person was so delighted while she had to give out bunches of bank notes? I was the one, Heehee.

The booklet for this year is too worth it. The paper it used is the paper for poster, and all the photos inside were so great! SMAP gave me a mature impression in the booklet, and they all looked "genki", except that I was not satisfied with Goro’s look in the booklet. (Sorry, Goro fans.)

The only "not so worth" stuff is the telephone strip. Last year’s was much beautiful.

No need to say the "individual" items, all are "kakkoii" and "kawaii". Nakai was so cute in the writing board, just like a kid taking the student photo. Tsuyoshi ‘s eyes were so attractive ne….

Ah, while I bought the poster of Tsuyoshi, the girl gave me three posters in pink bags. I yelled, "no, no, I want Tsuyoshi’s, should be yellow." I even would like to give her back the posters. She explained, "ah, no, no, this year Kusanagi-kun is in pink." I got the posters with doubt and after leaving the counters, I opened the poster at once, really Tsuyoshi, but, but, he should be in yellow. At the same moment, I met a Goro fan, she said, "why Goro is in yellow?" So the two of us exchange the bag. Haha, baga!

A cold concert

The weather at Sendai was fine. However, wind blew strongly, especially after sunset. The weather became cold, even I felt freezing. As a result, we hurried to go into the venue.

The third surprise

When we got into the venue and took a look at the seating plan, most of us shouted. "What?!" Two parties reacted strongly. Those who got the tickets at D5, D6, D11, D12, G1 & G2 would laugh happily, while those who got A7, B7 were angry. As Johnny’s gave us a surprise on the seating. Usually, they ranked the seats from A alphabetically from the stage. However, at Sendai, they put D5, D6…etc next to the center of the stage, while A7, B7, the two zones that should be the closet to the stage, now was next to D5, D6. On the other hand, A7, B7 were still near the stage.

The concert starts

The stage setting is quite different from last year’s. There are two large TV at the two sides, ranks of iron stairs in the middle, and a large rectangular TV at the top of the stairs. And a large SMAP logo cloth covered the stage before the concert started.

"Oh, already 6:30 p.m." All of us were getting excited. What will the concert be? Where will they come out? The light was off and we all stood up.

There was a girl on the TVs, she was singing "Lion Heart", then, five "image" were shown at her back, they were SMAP. All the audience shouted and "bang!" the cloth was torn down and SMAP were in the middle of the stage. They were in light blue suits with pink tie and shirts. "Cho-kakkoii!" We all shouted.

They sang three songs, said hello to the audience and then went to the back stage for the second part.

Five leopards

In the middle TV, there is a pair of beautiful eyes, it’s Tsuyoshi’s, then he was in black tights, kakkoii. Then were Nakai, Goro, Takuya and Shingo. Music sounded and they went out in "leopard" suits, Wah, so, so attractive. They started dancing with the theme song of 014, woo! Can’t stop yelling!

Ah, just a note, their leopard suits were of different strips. Haha.

They said a series of songs and the next was the first MC part. As they danced hardly, they took off the jacket, leaving a vest, still "Cho-kakkoii". Heehee.

Totoro’s favor MC part

Before the concert, Totoro has already been deeply attracted by Nakai. Cause he had a new haircut like a baby, really cute on the writing pad and the booklet. When I saw him on stage, the first question came into my mind was, "this is Nakai? The one I know? He is so young, nearly 4 years younger than before. Really really handsome!" Nakai dyed his hair in gold and became a young guy, surprise. Oops, I should be saying something about the MC part, sorry….

In my opinion, the MC part is the best among the three years. It is mainly because Nakai is really genki this year, while in the past two years, he was not well. As a result, he is really "out-spoken" this year, and also acted funny, really shocked me.

Nakai asked each member what he or she did during summer. He teased Goro again that he was shooting "Sleeping". When he turned to Takuya, "Yi? You are shooting 2046? I remembered last year at Yokohama you also said that you were shooting 2046. What’s happened?" Takuya did not replied but pretended zipping his lips, so cute! Nakai got his meaning and he stopped asking.

He turned to Goro. He noted that Goro covered his shoulder with that large SMAP towel, so he at once took that away from Goro. Goro shouted, "give me back, it is cold!" Poor Goro, this naughty Nakai would not give you back the towel. Goro continued, "don’t you feel cold? Please give me back the towel!" Haha!

"Yee?" Nakai found something, "Goro, why you put on a vest inside?" The other members did not put on another vests. Nakai and Shingo started pulling Goro’s vest. "Why not? I feel cold." Haha, Nakai, don’t you forget Goro’s practice? He used to put on his little black vest. Nakai continued to tease at Goro, "see, while I saw this, I wonder, ah, why Goro put on a black bra." Haha, Nakai, don’t be that mean! On the other hand, all of us laugh.

They then walked back to the middle of the stage, so the audience at the front no need to watch their "back" all the time.

Nakai then talked to Shingo, "Shingo, you get weight, is that ok?" Shingo was not well that day, he just simply replied, "no problem." The audience agreed with him and said "yes." Shingo heard of the reply and shouted, "it is not a problem even I am fat! Right?" Haha! Shingo is really lovely!

Cutie jackets

After the MC part, Tsuyoshi, Takuya and Goro went to the back stage. Nakai and Shingo went up the stairs at each side and to a small stage in the middle of the stairs. There were various small instruments, e.g. flute, drum, gong. Nakai took out a small accordion and Shingo played with the drum. They put on a red jacket. Nakai said, "see! So ugly! We wear leopard trousers with a red jacket." No, no, Nakai, you are cute. Haha!

Goro suddenly jumped out of the stage, haha. Cause we were all watching Nakai and Shingo played with the instruments, we were not aware of Goro’s appearance. Sorry, Goro! He was with his guitar. "Are you ready?" So Nakai started playing the small accordion. Not bad ne, Nakai!

They sang the new song about "summer". Actually, most of us did not pay attention to the song; we were all watching how Nakai and Shingo played with the instrument. They were so cute. Once Nakai even nearly dropped the Mic onto the floor.

After this song, Tsuyoshi went out in the middle of the stage with a blue jacket, kakkoii. And he started his song with Goro.

Takuya’s Solo

Takuya’s Solo is a must in every year’s concert, we are all expecting his performance. This year, his song is about "at the beach". As a result, the scenery of the seaside was shown on the TV. Takuya appeared in the middle of the stage in black suit. Woo! Model, model! Kakkoii! All the audience then paid much attention on his song. His song is really good and he sang well.

Black suits

After Takuya’s solo, the other members came out in black suits, also really handsome. Their suits, though in black, were of different styles. And they wore a "see-through" shirt inside. Heehee. They sang "You’re my love" and then the lovely "Yozo". Woo, Totoro was drunk!

Shingo Mama

Shingo Mama was on the TV, all of us shouted. The most interesting thing was most of the audience put down their uchiwas or penlights on hand and getting ready to dance with Shingo Mama. "O~HA~!" Shingo Mama ran all around the stage and all of us sang and danced happily with her (him). Shingo Mama ran in front of Totoro and I said, "ah! Shingo Mama is a giant mama ne!" Haha!

Friends remember to put down your uchiwas and dance with Shingo Mama, it’s really fun!

Idol Kick Off

The hosts of Idol Kick off of SMAPxSMAP were on the screen and they introduced us the new "stars" on stage. SMAP wore the pink vest and short white pants, with that ugly wig, and ran out with skate boards, haha!

Nakai was the leader and speed up and ran to the middle of the stage, then at the edge, kick off the skateboard and jumped onto the stage. Tsuyoshi also did so. Ok, boys, its kakkoii but it’s dangerous!

They sang "Say yes" and then kicked out five footballs. Oh, those who got the footballs were so lucky! Then, they introduced themselves. Nakai span in the middle of the stage, Takuya pretended that he had camera shy, Goro showed us his Goro dance, and Tsuyoshi acting as a dull boy and Shingo walked across the stage as if he was a crab. Ai, these naughty boys!

SMAP Autumn sports day

We heard that SMAP played "hide and seek" on the stage in the first day of concert at Sapporo. However, it was boring, even the naught boy Shingo did not want to play again. As a result, they changed to this "SMAP Autumn Sports day". Every show, they play a game and the winner got 5 points, second 4…and the like. Then at the end/last show, those two who got the lowest points will receive a penalty in SMAPxSMAP.

The first day they played "getting chairs". They went to the middle of the stage, then chairs were put at the three sides of the side ways, music played and they danced in a circle. When music stopped, they had to run to the chairs, the slowest one would be out. The first looser was Goro, second was Shingo. Ah, quite similar to the results of "getting flags" in their 2000 New Year SMAPxSMAP special. Remember?

The next try, Takuya started later than the other two. As a result, this cunning boy shouted at Nakai. "Come back, come back, let’s started again." Nakai WA, as he did not expect that Takuya would cheat, really ran back. While he ran near Takuya, Takuya started running and passed him. Leaving Nakai standing on the stage and did not know what’s happening. Haha!

Eventually the winner was Tsuyoshi. Congratulations!

After the game, they went to the middle of the stage and started another MC part….

Cho-kakkoii jackets

At the last part of the MC part, they pretended that they were kidnapped by some bad guys. Then a cartoon was shown on the screen. The cartoon was about 10 minutes, so you can go to the toilet for a break.

However, if you really went to the toilet, must return as soon as possible. As SMAP will show on the stage with Cho-kakkoii jackets! There were pearls and shining materials on the jackets. However, zenzen kakkoii, you won’t find it "ugly" at all!

They danced and walked like in a fashion show, and strike many posts. Totoro could not help screaming, haha! However, the shirt wore by Nakai was different from the others, his was not a silk shirt.

While they sang Dynamite, the put off the jackets and danced. Totoro was very happy looking at them, as their silk T-shirt was short, I could always look at his stomach, haha!

Nakai’s Solo

A baby’s photo was shown on the screen, really cute! Ah, is Nakai! Then more photos of Nakai were shown. Then Nakai was in a short black pant and a silver jacket, sitting in the middle of the stage, and sang his beloved song of The Blue Heart.

Nakai sang "live", so, his voice is so "raw", sang off key. But, but, Totoro loved that song and feelings! Besides, Totoro found that I could sang the whole song with him… heehee.

After that, he sang the theme song of "The Legend teacher", haha, and really a bonus for all Nakai fans. (On the other hand, some non-Nakai fans might already felt asleep!)

Our Prince Charming

Wah! Killing me! My God! They wore white suits, with flowers on the pockets, really our Prince Charming! If they put one a tie or bow ties, they should be the most handsome "bridegroom"; now, they were the most handsome "best man"! (If in reality there was such a handsome "best man", may be even the bride would like to choose again, haha!)

They were accompanied with a group of dancers, and danced in parts, really well. They sang "Stop"! Nakai changed his cloth and went out, getting ready to sing his part. When the music started, all the others faced him and held up their arms said, "Stop!" Haha! Nakai complained, "it’s my turn!"

They sang some medley and also one of my favor songs, "Orange".

Snowing in the Dome

All the members were in orange red jackets, with different style, came out of the stage for the first encore. And Tsuyoshi started singing the song "snowing". Snow flacks felt from the roof onto them, and the scenery was really lovely!

They then sang another Totoro’s favor, the last song in 014, really a good "Christmas song". They walked to the end of the stage in the middle. The whole stage in the middle lifted up and they sang the 014 version "Lion Heart". However, Totoro disliked this stage, as it was different from last year’s. There were clothes at the four sides. As a result, you can only look at one side and could not see the members who stood at the other side.

Second Encore

Nakai said, "what is this?" In the middle part of the lifted up stage, a huge slide pumped out, and they all slipped from the stage to the middle and ran to the end of the dome! All of a sudden all the audience went crazy. They ran to the middle to find where SMAP members were.

Last Encore

They put off the jackets and sang three more "usual encore songs". The first day of SMAP concert at Sendai ended.

The second day

It was warmer than the first day, however, we still remembered to bring addition jacket.

Difference between the first and the second day

Nearly the same except….

"Lazy" Nakai?

Totoro noted that Nakai was not as good as the first day, he was not feeling well. Totoro spotted that Nakai went back to the back stage just a few songs after, was he ok? I was a little bit worry!

MC Part

Don’t ask Totoro what’s the MC Part in the second day, cause I did not listen to that at all. Luckily enough Totoro sat near the stage in the second day. During the MC part, though Tsuyoshi was standing the furthest from Totoro, he was facing our side. As a result, with the telescope, Totoro could "look at" Tsuyoshi clearly under the spotlight. He was so handsome that Totoro forgot everything, even where I was…

As a result, there was a crazy Totoro staring at Tsuyoshi for 30 minutes (at least) without changing her post, and did not listen to what was saying on the stage. Haha!

"Naughty" Nakai

After the MC part, Nakai and Shingo put on that "ugly" (claimed by Nakai) red jacket and prepared for the next song. However, Nakai was naughty and did not want to start at all. He said, "it’s better for us to have a talk show." Even Goro came out; Nakai still did not stop talking. Goro asked him, "are you ready? When would you like to start?" Haha! Nakai, don’t be naughty!

Idol 1.1.1

Today’s challenge was different from yesterdays. They had to run from the two side to the middle, rode on a small bicycle, crewing through the net, shoot 3 basketball to the net, turn 10 times around a baseball rope, walked to the middle and got a pack of bread by his mouth, then tore off the whole roll of tissue. Wah, the results were depended on the time of each member to complete all the "acts".

The first group was Takuya and Shingo. Shingo nearly felt onto the floor after turning around, however, Takuya could not get the pack of bread, so Shingo headed to tear the tissue…

The second group were Tsuyoshi, Nakai and Goro. Tsuyoshi started quite good and was the first one, however, aiya, he was bad at putting basketballs into the net! On the other hand, Goro and Nakai ran over him.

Totoro found that Nakai was very clever in tearing tissue. All the others tear the tissue towards themselves. As a result, the tissue was always rolled back or stuck onto the rope. However, Nakai tore "out" like pulling string, it was much faster. Goro was the winner of this group. Tsuyoshi WA? He was so slow…

The champion of the game was Goro, haha, and even he could not believe that! The second one was Takuya, Nakai came third, Shingo forth and poor Tsuyoshi was the last one.

Oops, they played the same game at Sapporo, that’s why Tsuyoshi got the lowest points on the chart. Ganbette ne, Tsuyoshi!

Totoro’s comments on each member


Totoro could not stop screaming when I saw Nakai in the booklet, he was so handsome. And he was so cute on those writing board, poster, and uchiwa. Etc.

My friend has already told me that Nakai dyed his hair to brown/gold. "Nothing special as he always dyes his hair." Totoro though so before the concert started. However, when Totoro saw Nakai came out, Totoro already fainted as Nakai was super kakkoii, really look young and he was really genki.

Totoro was really happy this year as Nakai was genki. He looked the best among the three years of SMAP concerts I have been to. When he was genki, he talked much and played around on the stage. He gave many surprises to Totoro and made us very happy.

Totoro remembered once Nakai took out the skate board during encore time and played happily with the skate board, just like a 17-years-old boy playing around, really cute.


When the fans saw Takuya on stage, many of them thought that he looked like he was shooting Long Vacation.

Takuya was really attractive, always smiled and making funny faces to his fans.

He looked really good in the suits with pearls and shining materials; he was like a model walking. Ah, also the long jackets at the last part, really kakkoii.


Goro became more interesting. To Totoro, he was always a cool gentleman. However, during the year, he became funnier. He always made others laugh while he was still cool, well done. Besides, Totoro found that he became "stronger" this year.


Tsuyoshi was thin, really thin. Though it seemed that he got muscle on his arms, he looked really thin, even looking at him at the side. Totoro really worried about him.

Luckily, Tsuyoshi looked good and genki. He was talkative in the first day, even "of-key" when he spoke with excitement. (He always does so…)

Totoro has mentioned that this year I got the chance to "star" at Tsuyoshi. Totoro had looked at Tsuyoshi’s photos and "the real Tsuyoshi" (during concerts in previous years) for many times. However, Totoro has never "stared" at him for such a long time. Heehee. As mentioned by other Tsuyoshi fans, Tsuyoshi is really handsome.

His was different from Nakai’s. Nakai has big eyes, cute face, while Tsuyoshi was… Aiya, really don’t know how to describe. I could never forget how he look when he paid attention to what Nakai was saying, or how to hide away from Shingo when he would like to hit Tsuyoshi.

On the second day, Tsuyoshi should not be well at his throat, as he did not speak at all. Might be the others had already known his situation, they did not ask him all through the MC part, only Nakai asked him one question, while his voice was awful, "daijobu"?


Totoro has already mentioned that Shingo became mature. However, he is still the little brother (with largest size) among the others.

Shingo looked tired in the first day, so he did not play around. However, he was genki in the second day, so he played crazily. Totoro remembered when they went out for Idol 1.1.1; Shingo ran and bounced to and forth on the stage, really funny.

Nakai teased Shingo that he was fat, no, no. Totoro think that he was fit, though not as fit as in last year.

Other matters

Similar dance?

We may be disappointed if we like watching SMAP’s dance. Don’t know if it was due to short of time, Totoro felt that the dance of each song was quite similar, all similar to "Let it be" and "Lion heart". As a result, Totoro was happy to see them dance "Dynamite". Besides, maybe the beat of the new songs was not too "strong"; the atmosphere in the dome was not too "high" ne.

The "waiting time" was too long

Totoro would like to complain that the "waiting time" between one part to the other was too long. It was not good as we got excited after a few songs; however, we were "cool down" because we have to wait for quite a long time for them to show up again.

The large TV wall

Many effects were used on the large TV wall in the middle of the stage. For example, their CMs were shown during the theme song of 014.


Totoro "dislike" the dancers this year, why? Cause in many songs, they danced in the middle of the stage while the SMAP members walked to the two sides, leaving Totoro yelling near the middle of the stage.

Summer concert or autumn concert?

The main difference Totoro found between summer concert and autumn concert was on the clothes. They put on thinner clothes during Summer time while they put on suits this year.

Honestly speaking the suits for this year are great, especially even the suits are of the same "design", the color and the style may be of different for each member, really like watching a fashion show.

But, the most disappointed point was that they seldomly took off their clothes! We did not have those "taking off pants" shots anymore, woowoo…. (Haha, baga!)

Last but not least, to Totoro, no matter what they wear, all I need is SMAP on Stage, right?