Bits & Pieces of SMAP concerts 2006

by Totoro


Exhausted! just back toTokyo from Nagoya and went to the office right the way!

But so fun at Nagoya joining the aisetsu and the concert yesterday.

What happened to Nakai? Heard that he gets hurt since 820 at Fukuoka, and seems his injury is not light, he could not even hold up his right hand and all the dance he changed the post.

Totoro is not complaining that Nakai changed the post, is very worry about him, seems his injury is serious, seems quite painful (even shown on his face).

Hope he can be better till 9 Sep, at least few days for him to take a rest. Take care ah, Nakai-kun!


Smap9/9 15T”Nš —§‘¬•ñ







–^„™_粉ԓ¹ŸÞê”ò,–Ø‘ºX‘å’µbreak dance^0^




•s‰ß,‘´‘¼ŽlŒÂ"ŒZ’í"A^“I"•s˜b“¾"—¹ˆêŠJê›ßŒ©“ž˜±„¥ˆê’¼•sŽžŠÅ’˜’†‹“Iœk–¾èûŠÅ’˜‘¼"—LŸ“—L–â‘è". —LˆêŽñ‰ÌŠÒ樏o”w‹‹‘¼–T–T.

‘æ“ñ’iˆêŠJŽnèí‘R“¾Žl–¼,^“IœkSHOCK,—Lêy‘zšL?•ü—F?"Šù‘R’†‹—¹’µ•s“ž•‘,“ß’i¥™¤’µ•‘“I,?‹©‘¼‘ü⋒˜?Ý‘¼Ž§Œ¾,‘¼îŠè•soê?." “ß–”—L“¹—ŠŽ§“ž¥‰ÌŽžAo˜Ò—¹.



“ß—v–½“Ižê’ò....... ”ìŽeÅ˜¨,ˆê‰ñ•}’†‹sã‹Ž,ˆê‰ñs‰º˜Ò.ŠÅ“I‰äœkŠ´“®ÅŒã—vã“žÅã“I‘äSAY GOODBYE,–Ø‘ºAˆê’¼?’˜’†‹“IŽèsã‹Žã`”V‘¼˜ìŽll^“Iíí"ÆŒÚ"’˜’†‹.

Šó–]–¾“V“I’†‹˜ð"Dˆêêy"....... ŠÒ¿”VŒãDD“I‹x—{ˆê‰º,Y›õl¿‘¨‘¼“üçΉ@DD—{


¡“V“I’†‹”äð“VD—¹­­,Šˆ“®‘½—¹êy,•s‰ßŠó–]•s¥"šñd˜Ò". ¡“V“IüK¼åäpart‘¼•s‘üŠö“®Œåø,ŠÒŠö“®Ž}Žm“Iãžê’òŽž–”Ž©ŒÈ˜Ò,•s‰ß”ìŽe“s¥ÝÓ”º’˜‘¼Ý’µ•‘Žž–’—R–Ø‘º˜a–^„–T’˜‹‹‘¼˜ô"l“÷ˆËèÏ". ÅŒã–”¥–Ø‘º?’˜‘¼ãÅ‚“I‘äsay goodbye.


¡“úŠe‘å•ñŽ†“s—Lð?“I•ñ“±,’A—Lˆê?•ñŽ†“I‘Š,èí‘RŸ“—L—¹GORO! •s¥?‰äæî•ü—FŠÅ“žŽž›ß‰Z‰Z‹©¡?ÝTALKINGŽž”ìŽe“s›““o?o˜Ò•s’m“ß•ñŽ†˜ð”Û"•â‹~"? ‘¾•s¬S—¹??


‹I‰—ÝSOME GIRLSŒð‘㑼ˆ×‰½/‰½Žž˜MB ^“IÝ818”VŒã“IŽü––?ˆöˆ×•s—p˜ô‰‰¥˜ð?™_“V‹x‘§?‰—¥A‹Ž‘ÅGOLF?A”‡žé˜M˜]œB ??•s–¾”’‰½ˆÈ‘ÅGOLF˜ð˜M˜]œ“I?˜M˜œA˜b˜ðBBBB

ã`”V“ž821“ß“VÌ”rŽžAgSŒû’Ɂh?‘¼˜ì—Lg笚£çΐ¶h“I?‰—¥’†‹—§‘¦‹ŽŠÅŠÅžû?B ˆêŠÅ”V‰º?‘匏Ž–?˜]œ—L™_žŠ—L—ô­B çΐ¶—§Žžˆ×‘¼•ï?›æ?‘¼ŠÒ?ˆöˆ×”‡žé?“ß“VŠJê筗¹5•ªàB >< (’NŠÇ?)

‘RŒãçΐ¶æ??—v‹Náù3ŒÂŒŽË‰Â•œŒ´?Ž§ŠŽÅD•s—v‘¾‘å“®ì?ˆÈ–ƍXB ’Aˆ×—¹‰‰¥˜ð?˜aˆÈ’†‹“Iˆ×l??‹©‘¼•s—v‘å“®ì? ‘¼ácŽž¥‘zg”VŒãŽŠ–¼ŒÃ‰®—L–ñˆê¯Šú“IŽžŠÔ?‰ÂˆÈDˆêêy??g

‰Â¥?•s’mˆ×‰½?830Ý–¼ŒÃ‰®˜M—¹?? ‰Â”\¥‘zhAg’˜”ð–ƍď“ž˜]œ?—p—ÍŽžö—¹?B “ú•¶•s‡Ši“I—´?Œ©•ñŽ†?¥h“÷—£g?^“I•s–¾”’¥Y›õŽ–B KD—L•ü—F?—¹?œäŠY¥h—¹?›ægB “ß—L“¹—?ˆöˆ×AZŒÂg?›”?^“IDˆÕ˜M?ŠÒ—v¥’†‹“ߎí‘å“®ì“I’µ•‘B ##




My friend strongly recommended me to read the report (cause I don`t have a radio at home ><) from `Stop the SMAP` from Nakai`s, as he talked about 9 Sep Concert. As I don`t have the chance to listen to that, just say a bit from the report (I read from a Japanese BBS), I like the writing style (as I don`t know if this is really the way Nakai said so in the show), anyway.... very brief....

From Nakai (Stop the SMAP)

I got hurt when at Fukuoka, went to see the doctor until I could not stand for the pain (Nakai! as usual!). Then I thought I can be recovered after 3 weeks till Kokuritsu (Tokyo), however, on 8 Sep, I found that my ligament hurt! This is one of the worse situation! I even could not stand for long time, sure no way for any dance.

I told the others before the rehersal on 9 Sep, since 9 Sep is our 15th Anniversary, I could not be absent. As a result, the others suggested `you just stand on the stage and we will dance around you. Let`s change the dance a bit and try.`

I never find that the members are so good to me until .......

Standing, moving and singing was not a problem, climbing up and down the stairs is killing me! However, there is SHINGO. He held out his hand and helping me when going up and down the stairs. It maybe embarrassing to do so in front of the audience but he had no hesitation to help me.

Then, at the very last part, I tried my best to climb up two levels, but a bit impossible to climb up the last one, there came TAKUYA, he held my hand and took me to the uppest stage.

Other than climbing up the stairs, TAKUYA also did a lot, especially in the dancing part, the black suit part. There was a part that the two of us are in the middle, but I could not dance at all, TAKUYA told me `just stand in front of me and I will handle.` He really danced as he like and he did that so well (Haha, sorry, this part maybe is Totoro`s own comments).

Then everytime when I came close to TSUYOSHI, he said `are you ok? Don`t worry, I will try my best to make the audience happy,` and he really did so.

Ah, for GORO, his way of taking care of me was jumping to me twice! Once was in the dark someone hit my shoulder and I felt pain, that was GORO. Maybe this is the way he shows his care about me......

Nakaidon`t worry, at least many of us also see what the other members help you (except Goro`s one, haha), and we are very touched about this.

Nakaiganbatte! We do not expect any dance from you, as long as you stand on the stage and smile and sing it will be more than enough for us.

Tonight Osaka show will start, take care, all of you, SMAP!




TWO TOPS•‘“ßPART–Ø‘º–”¥ŽgoŸÓg‰ðÉ,•ü—F˜ì“s?Ÿ“Œ©‰ß–Ø‘º’µ“¾“ß›õ™¤.



—´?œn‘åã‰ñ˜Ò—¹ˆöˆ×—L™_ŒÂ•ü—F“s’Š’†“¯ˆê“ú,‘½o•[˜Ò,A‹©—´?ˆê‹N‹Ž‘åãŠß—L“¾Šß,–”¥‘Šn“I“߈ê”Ç,ác‘R"‹Ž"! •s‰ß—vHì,›ßœk”C«“I¯ŠúŒÜ”¼“VHì,‘RŒã"o‘–"‹Ž‘åã.





?,ð?“ItalkingDDÎ–Ø‘º?æ˜ì‹Ž‹h”Ñ,‰Â”\¥•ï—¹ê,ã`”V‘ü—L‘¼˜ìŽll,œCŽqÝ‘¼˜ì–Ê‘OŽÏ,‘¼˜ìA‘œbistro smap“I’†‹’ñ“ž“ߊԓX¥ã”Ngoro˜a–^„‹Ž‰ß“I,¡”NAæî”ìŽe˜a–Ø‘ºÄ‹Ž,‰—¥’†‹?goro˜a–^„A¥‘O”y,‹©–Ø‘º˜a”ìŽe—v‹©‘¼˜ìˆêãߑO”yác‘R–Ø‘ºæî”ìŽeA¥ˆêáٓIŒô‘R.... (Šß“I?)

–^„A’ñ‹Ngoro”@‰½“Iprof.“I‰îÐ‘¼˜ìŠ…Y›õŽð..... ‘ü—L‘¼˜ì™_lÝ?,‰—¥”ìŽe“Ë‘R?"•s—vÄ?”‡±—¹,œk–ã?!" ‘¼A?Ž©ŒÈ‹Ž—¹“ß™ZácŽž’†‹›ß‘–‹ŽgoroÓ粕s’â“I•s’m?Y›õ,‘RŒãA“žgoro”š‰Î“I"•s—vÄ?—¹,œk–ã?". ™û™ûˆê’营’†‹‹³“I,’A^“IœkDÎ”ìŽe–’‘¨“žŒÂgagAæîgoroÝ”½”ˆê”Ô.....

?,ŠÒ—LÝˆêŠJŽntakingŽž–Ø‘º“Š‘i"‰ä¥‘æˆêŽŸá¢Œ»“I,’A^“I”E•sZ—v?o˜Ò„„“Ibangbangbang,‰ä˜ìœk“w—Í“IÝ’µ,’A„„”š—¹“ߍ±‘M‘MŽ†žŠ‰º˜Ò,‘O–Ê“IæV?èí‘R‘SÝ“w—Í“IÝE,ˆ½¥Œž,Ÿ“—LÝŠÅ‰ä˜ì“ß•¹–½“I’µ•‘." ‘¼ŠÒ—v•¯æV?¥“ߞ錞Ž†“IžéŽq‰ä˜ìA‘唚Î,ˆöˆ×ácŽž“I‰ä˜ì¥^“IÝ“ßžé˜ô!!!

ð?ˆöˆ×‘ŠJê,œk‘AŠ®—¹‰ä˜ì‹Ž—¹SâV‹´"ŒcŒ÷". “ߊԋŽð‰®èí‘R—Lkaraok,ŠÒ—v•sŒÀŽž‰—¥‰ä˜ìAŠJ—¹‘æ“ñê"’Že‰‰¥˜ð",•s‰ßšñ趒˜ˆê±œA“Œ‰Ì,ã`”V¥á¶‹»Ž§‰ñ‰ä˜ìÎ?‰Â”\“ß“XŽåœkŒã‰÷‹‹—¹“ߊÔkaraok–[‹‹‰ä˜ì.

šI,“žÅŒã“I“Œ‹ždome—¹,ŠJŽn•sŽÌ“¾...... >


ˆ×Y›õ•½“ú“I’Že‰‰¥˜ð—vÝ˜ZêyŠJŽn?Ž§ŠŽ‘¼˜ì•s˜ðç­,—ß“ž—´?—v‘‘–¡“V˜V?–{‘zŒÜŽžŠJ˜ð,—´?‘üD?"›”•s‹N,‰ä—v‘‘–." KD˜V?›ß’m—´?ˆ×l,A‰üˆ×ŽlŽž”¼ŠJ,•s‰ß?‰ºˆê‹å"ˆ×Y›õ‰ä—v‘JASMAP?" ^“I’´•sDˆÓŽv^“IKD¥”‡ŒÂ˜V?,•s‘R.....




‘RŒã”ìŽe‰ðç׈׉½‘¼¥‰ÌŽž?—¹™ð,ˆöˆ×...... "›”,›”,‰ä–’Œ©“ž." –Ø‘º? "‰ä–’?—¹™ð.....ˆöˆ×..... ˆê–]ARENAŽž,‘å‰Æ“sœkHIGH,’A.... èí‘R—L™_ŒÂ”’ä_‹S‰ä^“IŠd—¹ˆê’µ!" "›”,‰äA¥Œ©“ž,A‘z-¥^“I?Œ´˜Ò^“I—L”’ä_‹S.ŠˆÈ?™ð—¹." ”ìŽe?. "‰ä˜ìQ?˜ìo˜Ò."

Œ´˜Ò¥™_ŒÂFANS‘Å•¯¬"çäoçq"’†“ß”’ä_‹S“IžéŽq‘å‰Æ“s‘å‹©"œk‹°•|!" –”^“I?,“Á•Ê¥‘¼˜ìÝ‘äã,–]ÝFANSŒQ’†,Œ©“ž™_ŒÂ”’ä_“I,?˜ì–”—püK•z•ï’˜èò,^“I‘œ"”ò“ª—‹S"..... ??˜ì^“I•s—vŠd’˜‘¼˜ìšv! ><"




Haha, tonight is an international party. I went to concert with a friend from Thailand (Nakai fan), a friend from Germany (Shingo fan), and my friend (Takuya fan) and I from Hong KongHeehee. We have fun, thanks SMAP!

My friend from Germany is a girl in golden hair and is tall, we sat near the encore stage (stand), so when the `cars` came, actually the members could easily spotted my friend, haha, so happy!

Tonight there should be quite a lot of showbiz people going. Then we had a special guest in Shingo`s solo, Kotakumi. We are so happy to see her on stage, COOL!

Tonight Nakai danced a lot too, but still no solo, please give us back Nakai`s solo!!!! >< 

—´?ˆê’è—v›o˜Ò,¡?œk‚‹»,•s‘üŠÅSMAP‰‰¥˜ðŽ§‚‹»,ŠÒ—L¥˜aˆêŒÂœn‘ך ˜Ò“I•ü—F,ˆêŒÂœnúºš ˜Ò“I•ü—Fˆê‹NŠÅ—´?Î?¥š Û‘åW‡. (?“¾“ߎlŒÂl,WY›õ‡??)

ˆöˆ×úºš •ü—F¥‹à雔ü—,’·“¾–”‚,ÝENCORE PARTŽžŽÔŽq˜ÒŽž,Šî–{ãŠeMEMBER“sŒ©“ž?,˜A›æ⋍݊u•Ç“I—´?“sŽó‰v (l‰ÆŒ©“ž?æŽZ?™û™û.


ŠˆÈ¡“VˆêŠJŽnŸ“‘½‹vAæSSHINGO“ßPARTŒÂ•‘—Lêy•s“¯.... ™û™û,Œ´˜Ò—v’†“r‰Á“üKOTAKUMI.

TALKING‘¼˜ì–”’ñð“ú“I"‹S",‘RŒã–Ø‘º?"‰ä¡“VŒ©“ž.......Î•Ÿ’ëæ¶." ‘RŒã–”‰f’˜‘¼ŠÒ—L‘¼˜ì–”‘I—¹ˆê±FANS“Iî,™û™û,DDŠß.


’†‹¡“V’µ—¹œk‘½•‘,ŠˆÈ—´?ˆÈˆ×˜ð—Lsolo..... ŠÒ¥Ž¸–]!

‹­—ó—v‹/Šó–]‰Á‰ñ’†‹“Isolo. “ߌ‘ך ˜Ò“I•ü—F¥’†‹“Ifan,‰Â¥èí‘RŸ“—L—¹‘¼“Isolo,?^“IœkŽ¸–]?


YEAH!!! Nakai is back!! While during the greeting time, he said that `Nakai is back!`. When there were 5 of them in the second part, Totoro was a bit touched! Yes, Nakai is back! However, Totoro is a bit worried about him, hoping that he is not forcing himself to do so.

Today (and most likely tomorrow) is for recording the DVD, so when Totoro saw Shingo `erwhy he wears so heavy make up? Haha, also the others.` Then Nakai said today is for DVD recording (also another reason why `Nakai must be back`).

During the talking part they teased that Goro was dancing so hard as his parents are here today!

After Tsuyoshi`s solo, when the `words` came out from the screen, some of the fans, including Totoro, screamed, because that is Nakai`s solo!

He changed his clothes and a bit of his dance, become `sexy`. Haha. The girls next to Totoro are Nakai fans and when they saw the sexy dance, just screaming `yada,yada`, a bit funny.

and we all clapped our hands after the solo. The second time Totoro wanted to cry tonight!

Totoro`s seat is the last row of block D, but then during the encore time is quite near the back stage, and Tsuyoshi was standing in the pole just in front of TotoroheeheeYogadane!

Tomorrow will be the last show, really missing so much!

Weather is so good and when coming out from Tokyo Dome, the full moon is up the clear sky, yes, Mid-Autumn Festival, with SMAP, iine!



Eventually SMAP concerts end...... tonight everyone is so high tension. Tsuyoshi lost his voice eventually. During the talking part they said about their comments for this year`s concert except Nakai. Takuya said `Nakai not yet said so.` We yelled to agree with him. `Time is not enough.`Nakai explained and refused to say anything, so we yelled again. They started walking to prepare for the next song, we still yelled to ask Nakai to talk. After sitting down, Takuya said `Nakai you must say something or they won`t let go.` (Yes)

`So will be another 10 minutes.` Nakai said. (Who cares for 10 mins more, you can say for 2 hours more!) Actually what he said was the one in Some Girl`s and Stop the SMAP, about how the others helped him while he was hurt. But saying so during the concert and he came up to each of them to thank them, really very touching. Nakai was so sincere that Takuya was a bit embarrassed, he could only give us a funny face to hide away, haha, so kawaii two tops.

Ah, yes, last night the two tops dance was the original one, not the `special edition` while Nakai was hurt. Tonight Nakai mentioned so during the talk, so the two tops dance was the special edition! Yogada!

After the first encore, we already started shouting `encore`, then they were at the back stage, like at `Music Station` back stage. Nakai was wearing a big wag and acting as the host asking the others comments for last concert.

Then Takuya started singing Original Smile and came out again. The two naughty `eldest and youngest` take off (haha, really `take off`) their pants. Nakai with `his favour` and Shingo with big strewberry! Shingo even went up to the stairs and showed his nice `body` and strewberry pants. However, the camera man miss this part.....

Tsuyoshi did not forget to promote his drama and kept on reminding us to watch tomorrow. Ok, sure we will!

Totoro`s live will be back to normal starting tomorrow.... haha.... actually not yet, Tsuyoshi`s drama start..... new single..... Shingo`s book...... still busy!