Pop Up! SMAP 2006

Concert DVDs

Postcards of each member






Disc One & Two are the concert parts,
Totoro`s most favour part is the Black & White suits




Kakkoii! Right?

Disc 3 is the `special disc`
- Pop Up! Movies (the 3D movies during the concerts)
- Are you Lucky?! (a game with SMAP)
- Meeting SMAP (rearranging the solo songs)
- SMAP 15th Anniversary (the talking part on 9 Sep 06)
- SMAP Diary 2006 (bits & pieces of SMAP during the tour)


Haha, Totoro did not pay attention and took out the old `glasses` from concerts,
`Er?` oh, the one attached to the DVDs is not the same as the concert one,
remember to put on the one per attached.

The game is to select a number between 1 to 9 and see if it matches with the card
SMAP selected.  Sorry that Totoro still have not yet chosen the `right one`. ><







This cartoon is for `rearranging memeber`s solo songs`


The followings are from SMAP Diary 2006






Tsuyoshi was so nice to Nakai, even took the tray for him. ^^


Totoro like this part most,
as said in Shingo`s book, only Nakai & Shingo will go back
to the dome and see how the stage is `de-composed`,
really a bit sad in seeing so.....




SMAP and all who were involved in the concerts,

THANKS a lot for giving us such a good show!