About Smap! Tour! 2002!
Disk 3

1. Pool
- Show each member's shooting at the swimming pool,
so................. there is no Goro-chan,
and there are many many Takuya.
Cause Takuya had to shoot for each day, really "hard-working"!

Haha, so cute Tsuyoshi!

Kakkoii Nakai before getting totally wet~ *0*

2. Smap best song
- the second talking part at Tokyo Stadium
and they selected which song they like most among all the SMAP songs

3. Sumba
- the backstage for SMAP shooting the clips during "Daisetsu" of the Sumba section,
when they climbed up the ladders and showed in the TVs,
then "Drink SMAP", remember?

4. Goro
- the backstage for Goro's clip

5. Tsuyoshi
- the backstage for Tsuyoshi's running along the streets

6. Shingo
- the backstage for Shingo's clip

7. Back stage-channel
- mainly on the stage manager, how he controlled the opening and closing of various
set-up on the stages, the fireworks..etc,
very attractive indeed

8. Lucky-san
- The clips for Takuya's "lucky-san"

9. Toilet time
- what the audience did during Nakai's solo.....
heart-breaking...... (for Nakai)...
even Shingo and Tsuyoshi went to the toilets!

"The timing is just fit ma!"

10. Last row
- taking the view from the last row of Tokyo Stadium,
very very far away from the stage and let's listen to what the audience said,
"I can see nothing, where are they!" **