"Drink! SMAP! Tour"
Starting from Nagoya
by Totoro

(Note : This is not a report, just a memorandum for Totoro not to forget the marvelous concerts)

This is the 5th year for Totoro to go to SMAP concerts, really quite unbelievable that can make it.  Totoro is very lucky indeed.

The information about the concerts came out very late in June, and you have to decide the venues and pay within 2 weeks.

Totoro chose to watch the first show as usual.  Besides, Totoro heard that it was SMAP, the five of them, together selected Nagoya as the first place to start the concert tour.  As a result, Totoro, as a crazy SMAP fan, must support them.  Moreover, Totoro was expecting for "SMAP LIVE on stage" for a long time la.

There is direct flight from Hong Kong to Nagoya, however, the cost is high.  Totoro decided to go to Osaka first, met a friend there and went to Nagoya together.  Then, my travel agent told me that JAL offered a package which is cheaper than before.  "Prefect!"  So Totoro went to Nagoya in the most convenience way at the end.


When waiting at the custom, Totoro noted that the officers at the desks were talking happily with the ladies (who were also from HK).  When the officer took Totoro's passport, he asked, "you also come here to watch SMAP concerts?  Who do you like?  Nakai-kun?"  "Yes, I like Nakai-kun and Kusanagi-kun."  After taking the luggage and passing the counter, the officer there asked, "you come here to watch SMAP concerts?"  "Yes."  "Go back HK after the shows?"  "Um..." "Why don't you follow them and watch more?"  Totoro mummer, "I would like to, but no time..."  Haha, quite funny that these are the questions that the custom asked.  Maybe over 90% of the flight are Japanese, and the foreigners should go to watch SMAP concerts.  The most important point is even the custom knew that SMAP held concerts at Nagoya.

After arriving at the hotel, Totoro and friend rushed to the convenience shop to buy the "Drink SMAP".  There were lots of "Drink SMAP" on a rank, great!  So Totoro bought a can at once as midnight snack.

How is the taste?  Before telling the taste, Totoro would like to complain about the smell, 100% the medicine for curing cough! Oh my God!  The taste wa..... maybe Totoro was eating a rice dumpling when drinking the "Drink SMAP", the taste was ok.  The taste is "cherry cola", acceptable when it is cold and sparkling.  But, really like medicine.  Haha!

The first day of the concert

Before going to the venue we went to the Johnny's shop at Nagoya, cause we knew that the photos of SMAP were out and there are 31 photos for Tsuyoshi!  They sold the Uchiwa too.  Woo~ all of them are very handsome, and Goro is the best among them, haha.  And the concert penlight is very interesting this year.  It looks like a plastic knife, especially the one for cutting birthday cake.  When you hold it, just like you are holding a knife in hand.

Besides, from the note on the board selling the penlight, it stated, "there are two kinds of lighting."  We saw it flashing "red, blue, green", there are three color of lighting, why they say "two"?  Ah, there is a switch on the penlight, when you switch to the front, the light flash in "red, blue, green" slowly.  When you switch to the back, the light flash in a fast way, and due to the "sight error", when you move the penlight fast, you will see three "SMAP" in "red, blue, green".  Ah, so, so, this is the "two kinds of lighting".

We hurried to the concert venue, Nagoya Dome, cause the show started at 3:00 p.m.

We looked at what the other fans were holding while walking from the station to the dome.  We found that there was a little can holding the telephone strange, very cute.  Cause Totoro had to wait for other friends, Totoro asked another friend to buy the concert goods on my behalf.  Totoro must thanks her as she queued for nearly 1.5 hours before getting to the stores.

Sure we found "Drink SMAP" selling outside the dome, and it was contained in a paper cup.  As my friend would like to have that cup, she went to buy one.  As she would like to keep the paper cup, she asked if she can take the can and the cup, but the answer was "no".

This made Totoro remember an incident.  When Totoro was queuing up for the toilets, a girl taking two cups of "Drink SMAP" rushed into the toilet and poured all the drink into the sank.  Oh, we should not waste any....

The Dome

Nagoya Dome is large, similar to Tokyo Dome, and seems that even higher than Tokyo Dome.

The stage is similar to that of last year's, three ranks of stairs, three large TVs, simple.

Getting excited now, what/how will SMAP show up?

The very first part

SMAP are on TV!  Actually they are SMAP in cartoon, in a Chinese fighting cartoon style.  They fight with some bad guys and the last one is Goro.  After his fight, he took a can of "Drink SMAP".  He appeared at the top of the right hand side TV, where is quite high in the air.  He was drinking "Drink SMAP".  Haha, the best way to promote!

Then the theme song of 015 started, "S M A P, S M A P, S M A P".  Takuya came out first, he held a long flashing knife in hand, and fighting with the bad guys.  The second one was Tsuyoshi, third came Goro, Shingo was the forth one, and Nakai came out the last in the middle of the stage, cho-kakkoii!  They fight with the bad guys.  Ah, the Star war!

They came close to the middle of the stage, lots of smoke came out and covered all of them.....
then, five kakkoii SMAP wearing white suits with black shirts inside came out! Woo!

SMAP concert started with "People song".....

Actually did not remember what they said at the first part, only remembered that Goro said, "long time no see, I am back!"  Goro, welcome back!

Hot Sumba (Brazil) party

There was a swimming pool on the TV, Tsuyoshi jumped out from the pool (getting all wet), and the screen showed, "60 seconds before..."

Tsuyoshi was running along the streets as he was chasing by some bad guys.  The way of shooting was funny, some slow motions like in Matrix, haha.  Once Tsuyoshi pass by a car, while Cho Nan Kan was in there!  Tsuyoshi pass two large rubbish bins and he jumped into one of them, and ..... dropped into the swimming pool!

He said, "sumba!' and a group of dancers in Brazil custom dressing came out and the party started!  Tsuyoshi was the first one who came out in a beautiful shirt.

Don't ask Totoro why Tsuyoshi was chasing by the bad guys, and what is the relationship with the Sumba party afterwards, cause Totoro did not understand also, haha!

This part is great, all of us were dancing happily, really like that we were in the sumba party!

Shingo Mama

Shingo Mama appeared on the stage with two furies at her back, very cute.  "Are you ready? "  "Getting ready... O-Ha!"  We miss Shingo Mama's "O-Ha Rock".  We put down our penlight and uchiwa and danced "O-Ha" happily with Shingo Mama!

Shingo Mama got a call and took out her mobile in pink, telephone?  Will that be.....

Cho Nan Kan - "I Love You" (the name of the song and/or Totoro's comments, hahahahaha....)

Cho Nan Kan (Tsuyoshi) came out with K.K.Kity (the four Johnny's Junior who danced with Cho Nan Kan).  Cho Nan Kan was handsome!

Sure Totoro followed Cho Nan Kan and danced.  Haha, you should not miss the last part of this song.  If you go to the toilets, hurry back!  Cause at the last part the other SMAP members went out and danced with Cho Nan Kan.  Goro was very cute and seemed that he enjoyed the dance very much.  Nakai mixed the dance with Morning Musume's, cute too!  Actually Totoro was diverted to look at Goro and Nakai rather than Cho Nan Kan, haha.

After the song, Cho Nan Kan told us in Korean that the next song is "going to see the sun rise together", sure he sang the first part in Korean la.  Then Goro continued and Cho Nan Kan went into the backstage.

Talking Part I

Sure Totoro forgot most of the talking part (Totoro is old ma), just remembered Tsuyoshi complained that as he wore a thick cloth in the first part when he came out, so when he did the flapping over, he suspected that no one knew that was him.  No, no, sure we know that is you la, Tsuyoshi, no need to worry about that.

Nakai explained why he was that "dark" in color (sun burned) and said that Tsuyoshi is too "white"....

Nakai also told us that Shingo ate 6 hamburgers before the concert started and ate many pieces of chicken......

At the end of the talking part Goro had a request, he would like to change clothes on the stage, just like last year's.  Nakai was reluctant to do so and keep on murmuring.  But Goro begged them and they went in and changed their clothes.  Totoro sat at the very right side of the stage and could see that they were really changing inside, haha.

They came out again in the purple suit, the one they sang "Yozona no muko" in last year.  "Let us sing 2001 Version "Yozona no muko"."  The song started.....  Remembered in a part we sang "karaok" together with SMAP?  The words appeared on the TVs, the SMAP members started holding the mics towards us and asked us to sing.... however..... Tsuyoshi was standing at the right hand corner of the stage and did not realize that the others were gathering at the middle of the stage.... he kept on singing!  The others were shocked!  Remembered Goro's facial expression was, "what are you doing?"  and very surprised.  Haha! Tsuyoshi, you really think that you are 40,000 + 1 audience and should sing with us?

Goro's solo

Goro is holding a rose and going to his girlfriend's home.  On the way he remembered the happy time they spent.... but when he arrived at the girl's house, he found that there was a male's T-shirt hanging at the window.  Goro was disappointed and decided to go away, the wind blew.... the T-shirt turned, it was the T-shirt with Goro's head on it (the one they wore last year).  Yes, yes, we won't forget you, Goro-chan!

Goro wore a vest but putting on a long scarf (didn't he feel hot?) and sang his solo.  Totoro like the chorus part of this song very much and the lyrics of the song.  Pay some time to read it. Goro-chan, ganbette ne!

The others went out.  When they sang "Lion heart", they even put on a long thick coat.  Poor boys! It should be very hot with that coat.

Shingo's solo

Shingo jumped out from the swimming pool the same as Tsuyoshi did, and very puzzled, and "60 minutes before...."

Shingo was playing around happily with a girl in the hotel room.  All of a sudden they had a quarrel, the girl said that she had to leave, she went to the edge, jumped up and jumped out!  She became a dove!  Shingo would like to be a dove too!  So he jumped up and jumped out..... and dropped into the pool!

Shingo started his solo, very kakkoii!

Five Respect

The music of Five Respect started, that fast?  Totoro thought that the song would be sung at a later part, e.g. after the first encore, but.... haha, you cannot easily guess what they think la.

Totoro like this song.  They wore a jacket in silver with the trousers, and vest in black, kakkoii!  Frankly specking, the first three parts were similar to those of "Five True Love".  But the song changed to a different tone when Goro sang about Shingo.  Shingo stood at the top of a stage and strike many funny posts.  Cute!

"It's about time."  Totoro thought.  It's the time for Shingo to sing about Nakai.  Haha!  This cute boy, he sang in an opera way!  Haha!!!!!  And Nakai danced in the middle of the haramichi.

The others also came to the middle of the center haramichi and started dancing in fast beat.  SMAP is always the best in dancing!

After the dance, they sang "Song 2" in order to "take a rest".

The dome changed into "red" (the lighting) and they sang "Over Flow", wa! Kakkoii!

Talking Part II

They commented which song they like in the new album, Takuya shouted suddenly, "Goro! Why you put on your vest again?"  They were wearing a vest in black.  "Why do you know?"  Goro was surprised that others found out.  "Hey, take a look at the side..."  "Ay!"  Goro recognized.  Goro-chan, the vests they wore in that part is black in color, however, from the side we saw Goro's white vest, hahahahahaha!

Nakai said, "I like this song 'Ah, ah, ah, ah!'" He shouted! "What song?" the other asked.  "Still don't know?   'Ah, ah, ah, ah!' the next sentence is "Oh, oh, oh, oh!', is Tsuyoshi's Korean song la."  Haha! Nakai! But the first "ah, ah, ah, ah" should not be shouted as "shouting for help" lor!!!!!  Tsuyoshi?  He could never defended and could only laugh happily with Nakai.

"Ah, when we sang "Yozona", and during the karaok part, why you still keep on singing?  I've already shouted at the back "stop, stop"." Nakai asked.  Tsuyoshi replied, "I like to and purposely do so..."  Haha!

When they went to the back stage, Shingo shutted the door before Tsuyoshi could get in.  Shingo, don't be naughty!

Takuya's solo

Takuya's video is quite different from the others.  The first day he was helping in distributing the promotion leaflets of their singles.  But he found that there was not enough time for him to complete the job.  He took out a sticker (of "Drink SMAP"), kissed on it and stick it to the bottom of the chair.  Then seat number was shown, and "Lucky".  The second day he was weeping the floor.....  Totoro thought they should at once shoot at the Lucky person ne.

Takuya put on a jacket in blue, taking his guitar and started his song.

The others came out after the song, Totoro like the shirts they wore very much.  They sang "Celery", which is one of Totoro's favor.

Nakai's solo

This time is Nakai coming out from the pool, in a suit, actually is "Peace" style (Nakai's movie), the time is "a year ago..."

Nakai's solo part was played, and.... the audience started running to the toilets, there were long queues outside the toilets, someone was talking on the phone, "it is Nakai's solo part, so...."  On the TV, it shows, "we are sorry that we do not arrange any time for you to go to toilet.  However, please stay here for Nakai's solo.  Thanks."

Nakai, as "Peace" (cho-kakkoii), went out and said, "I have to sing properly during the concert, I will do my best, please take it serious, as I am taking it very seriously."  And he started singing "My Children Friend".  Wa!  Totoro would like to scream, cause this is one of the best songs of Nakai.   Nakai really sang it seriously, however, he forgot a line and laughed.  Haha, that's really singing live ne!

The TV showed "Mohonhan" (The movie, The Copy Cat), and the theme song started....
A part in the movie was shown, the part where Peace was attending a forum.  Remember that part?  Many close up of Nakai, very handsome!

After that part, the TV showed "Mohonhan, Peace", then flashing with "P E A C E by Morning Musuko".  "Musuko" is "son" in Japanese, the song "Peace" by Morning Musume started.....
Nakai in the sailor suits went out, with a group of dancers singing "Peace".  Totoro laughed and clapped hands hardly, all of us shouted "Peace~" happily with Nakai.

In the middle part of the song Nakai went to the backstage and changed.....

Totoro burst into tears and screamed when Nakai came out again!  He was in two pieces swimming suit!!!!  With "pads" on the breast.  Hahahahaha!!!!!!

When Totoro took a closer look at the dancers, ha?  They are males!!!!!! But all in two pieces also!!!! Oh no!  Haha!  They even put on wigs of long hair!  They came out in lines like soldiers.

Cause they are "Musuko" (male), they sang the song in a "man" way, and strike those posts in the fittness tests, hahahahahahahaha~~~~

There is an interesting part of this song, near the end, the music stops, seems that the song ends, actually not, the music starts again about a minute later, so they have to hurry back to continue to sing.

So when the music stopped, Nakai and the dancers walked back to the back stage, the first time the music started again, they were "lucky" to gather in time.  Nakai even gave us a facial expression that, "fu~ luckily I make it."

Then they started taking off their clothes!  So the second time the music started Nakai had already taken away the top part of his swimming suit!  This naughty boy!

Think that it should be ended.....
The music started again just before they went into the back stage!
Nakai even put off his pants!  (Sure he wore his black underwear la)

Again think that this part should be ended.....
Nakai went to the back stage, four policemen were waiting for him, would like to arrest him, as he took off his clothes on stage!  Haha!

Totoro laughed again and again in this part.

Nakai, "Prefect!"  Never think that you can "go that far"...
Peace in the first song.... Peace in Mohonhan.... Morning Musuko's Peace

"Atsui" is hot

Takuya and Goro went out at the end of the middle haramichi, they brought along their guitars.  At the back there was a large can of "Drink SMAP" moving out, Tsuyoshi and Shingo were in the middle of the stage, then....

"Atsui" is hot, "Sakara" is fish.... the promotion of ANA, and they sang out the "Rock" version, and fires burst out in the front, COOL~

Oh! Totoro forgot to introduce the boards underneath the TVs of the two sides.  They showed many colorful pictures, cartoons and motions.  In this part, when saying "fish", there are many fishes swimming, very interesting ne.

The last part of these series of ANA promotion is "we are in 'Nagoya'!"  Brilliant! Great! So starting from Nagoya, they can sing "we are in 'XXX'" in each place.

Then those usual songs for saying good-bye.

The last song they sang was "there is only one flower in the world", and they went into the can one by one, the can was lifted up, then "pong" and opened at the highest point.  Sure no SMAP was there, but many "Drink SMAP" dropped down, like stars falling down, then there was one flower standing firmly among the cans on the floor.

The first encore

Water pouring out the boards and the music of "Freebird" started.... SMAP were in freebird suits and went out from the end of the middle haramichi.

We saw the two familiar "lorry/rank" at the two side, kidding?  Yes, yes, just like last year, they went to the two sides and the lorry moved, so they waived hands and say hello to the fans all around.  Nakai, Tsuyoshi and Shingo went to the right of the haramichi, i.e. Totoro's side.  Totoro rushed to the side at once.  Though they did not see Totoro, at least they were facing our side when the lorry was passing.  Totoro could look at them at a very very close distance, too great to be true!

The lorries went to the back of the Arena and there are two tall "towers" there.  Same as last year, they went to the towers and sang at the back.  Totoro could only look at the TVs as they were too far away from Totoro.

After two songs, it's time for them to go back on stage.  Last year they took the same side.  However, this year they exchanged!  I.e. here came Takuya and Goro!  "Shingo, this way!"  Nakai shout.  But Shingo went after Goro and went to our side again!   Haha, Totoro was the beneficiary as Totoro could meet Shingo again.  Totoro was shocked when Goro came close, he was very very handsome!

The second encore

They put on the large bathing towels, ran around and sang Dynamite and Original Smile.

The second day

The major difference noted was in the first day during the "Sumba party" part, they had solo dance of each member, but nil in the second day.

During the talking part I of the second day, Goro said that he practiced hard for flapping side way for the year.  So the others asked him to show them.

The second talking part Nakai scold Tsuyoshi that he sang off key during "song 2" so he could not sing.  Tsuyoshi said that he did not sing wrong and sang at once.... and .... off key.... aiya!

Should be when preparing to sing "Yozona", the members said Nakai sang well in the concert, Nakai mummer, "I sang a lot last year for Goro ma..."  Wai, wai, leader, singing is the most important part in the concert!  But Nakai really sang well, haha.

Nakai scold Tsuyoshi that he held up his hand in a wrong timing for the both days when singing Five Respect.  Yes, yes, Totoro noted that in second day, Tsuyoshi held slower than the others, haha.

The second day Totoro sat next to the left haramichi, "two heads" (Takuya and Nakai) came to us during the encore part.  Totoro got crazy looking at Nakai for the whole song!

Little comments about SMAP


Nakai-kun, please, please stop shocking us!  You gave us a surprise every year!  I told my friend, "please hold me, I would be fainted."  The hairstyle of yours on the uchiwa was quite good, why you went to make all your hair straight, and with a color same as your skin.....

However, Nakai is still one of Totoro's beloved, Totoro got used to Nakai's hairstyle the second day, especially seemed that he cut the two sides a little bit, and he put on hats in many sections.

And knowing that Nakai is very genki is a relief.


As mentioned above, Takuya came to the left haramichi during the encore time.  Two of my friends, Takuya fans, went close to the haramichi, Takuya was singing just in front of them.....  Takuya then threw his towel and dropped just a row in front of my friends.  If they bowled down, sure they could pick the towel up.  But both of them did not do so, as they had to stair at Takuya and could not divert themselves to do something else.

They told Totoro about that.  "Oh, I will pick it up at once!"  Totoro commented.  "But at that moment you are starring at Takuya, and if you try to find the towel, maybe Takuya has already left.  He is just in front of you ne."  They are correct in this sense.....

Totoro then think, if at that time Tsuyoshi or Nakai was standing in front of Totoro, will Totoro pick up the towel?  Most likely won't, cause every time Totoro see Tsuyoshi or Nakai, Totoro could not move at once.  Haha, baga~


Goro is very handsome and very fit.


Tsuyoshi, thought you look Genki, you are too thin.  You should praxes more for singing live, you still sing off key!


Shingo, don't be that absent-minded.  We noted that you looked at Takuya and Tsuyoshi and learnt the next step in a dance, you forget the steps?  But when we look at your lovely smile, we sure forget everything!  Haha.  Though your face is not that "round", your little tummy.....

Something nearly forget

During the first part when Nakai fight with the bad guys, once he should slide down in a beautiful post, but.... he slipped down!  He laughed.  The second day, a bad guy threw back Nakai's sword to him.  "Pong!" It hit directly onto Nakai's head!  Poor Nakai!

In one part they went into the TV, in the middle TV, each of them take out a can of "Drink SMAP" and drink, seems that "Drink SMAP" is very delicious!  Haha!

Then Nakai went out with the drink, and he said, "um... "Drink SMAP" is suitable for curing cough."  Haha, Nakai!!!!

The second day Totoro and friends sat at the last row of a block.  When singing "Kansha Shide", my friend told me, "take a look, take a look." The securities all put on a yellow jacket with a "Drink SMAP" logo, and holding two uchiwa and sang the song together.  After that song, someone came and took away the uchiwa and jacket.

The concert goods are good and Totoro could not stop buying!  Haha.  Totoro like the telephone stripe most, the can is very cute.  And as mentioned, the penlight is very interesting.  Totoro knew the second way very late.  Then when Totoro and friend were back to the hotel, we turned off the light and played for a while.  Haha.  And during the concert time, once Totoro fight with a friend with the penlight as if it is a knife.  Even the security guards laughed.  Haha, sorry, Totoro like playing around!

Totoro met many Japanese friends at the dome.  Haha, going to SMAP concerts are our annual activities ma.

Totoro found that watching the first show is the greatest, as you don't know the run down at all.  You know, as there is someone like "Totoro", who write down the run down, you will know the timing and may loss some interests.

SMAP is great, or more precisely the production house of the concert is great.  Every year they give the fans a fresh and surprising concert.  Totoro find that this year's concert is hot.

"Atsui" is hot!
Nagoya is very hot!
SMAP is very very HOT!!!!!