The Hotel Venus
Starring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi



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Extract from [The Hotel Venus] starring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Chonan Kang and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

About five years ago, late at night, I watched a Korean film by chance and that triggered me to learn the Korean language.  I had the desire to meet and talk, and if possible, work with Mister Han Suk Kyu who was playing the leading role in the film.  Then this desire prompted to create the TV program called "Chonan Kang" and I got to be called by the name of "Chonan Kang".  "Chonan Kang" and "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi".  "Chonan Kang" is my name in Hangul reading.  "Kang" for Tsuyoshi means "strong", thus my name in Hangul has an image of a robust, strong man.  When I am speaking Korean, I become "Chonan Kang".  This notion enable me to make the switching from "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi" to "Chonan Kang" in a natural way when talking to Korean people, filming in the streets of Korea, making my appearance on the Korean entertainment shows and singing in Korean.  Three years have passed by since I became "Chonan Kang" and my wish to participate in a movie where I would act in Korean has finally come to realize.  The filming was so formidable, everyday felt as if I were living in a dream, that I did not want to miss any single moment.  What Mister TAKA-HATA, the director of this film and all of the staffs have accumulated little by little, became the strength of this film resulting to our confidence.  "Chonan Kang" and "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi".  Surely, i am both.  But it seems to me that my world has expanded boundlessly from this Hangul name.  Sometimes I feel what could not have been perceived by being the sole aspect of "Tsuyoshi KUSANAGI" could be seen through the eyes of "Chonan Kang" who resides inside of me, only on the opposite side.  Perhaps the angle of perception differs.  There are many things Mister "Chonan Kang" helps me become aware of.  Or could it be that, I am seeking another identity through "Chonan Kang".... There is nothing particular about this though.  Anyone could obtain a Hangul name.  It is still the same you but with another name.  I think that people can change from there.  It does not have to be a Hangul name, it could be anything.  Just a slight occasion and that is all you need to expand your world into a new dimension.  It could happen to anyone.  The Korean language happened to fit me perfectly, it seems as though the muscles around my mouth enjoy to pronounce the language.  Reading, writing, pronouncing, listening, eating, seeing....  Through the Korean language which I have acquired using all of my five senses, I also got to discover the beauty of Korea.  With this filter called "Chonan Kang", I feel able to start walking a new path without hesitation and here I am, just starting my new step.

February 2004
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

- 意譯自龍貓

大約五年前的某一夜, 剛巧看到一套韓國電影, 觸發起我學韓文的興趣。 我對那部電影的主角韓石圭先生著迷,如果有機會,很想見他,和他交談。 而這個念頭引發出製作"韓國剛"這個電視節目, 我亦被稱為"韓國剛"。  "韓國剛"與"草弓剪剛"。  "韓國剛"是"草弓剪剛"的韓文發音。 “剛”=“強”, 所以我的韓文名字有強壯的意思。 當我一說韓文,我就成為"韓國剛"。 這個概念令我自然地, 一說起韓文, 就由"草弓剪剛"轉為"韓國剛", 亦令"韓國剛"可以在韓國拍節目,上韓國電視的娛樂節目, 以至唱韓文歌。 我成為"韓國剛"已經有三年, 而我的念願可以拍一部韓文電影竟然成真。 拍這電影很艱辛,但是每一天我都像是在夢中,我想好好的把握每分每秒,不想溜失任何時間。 監督先生和各工作人員都很努力, 而我們各人的努力點滴地成為這電影的原動力, 令大家充滿信心和幹勁去拍這套電影。 "韓國剛"與"草弓剪剛", 兩個都是我,不過我的世界從"韓國剛"這個名字中擴闊至無限了。 有時我覺得有些"草弓剪剛"身份有所限制的事, 可以由"韓國剛"來做, 亦有些東西,是從"韓國剛"的眼中看到的。 可能是看的東西和角度不同吧。 有很多東西我都是做了"韓國剛"才知道的。 可能是, 我是想從"韓國剛"中找出自己的另一面。 其實這沒有特別,每個人都可以有他的韓國名字,你還是你但你的名字有另一個發音而已。 我所想強調的是每個人都可以有些改變,不一定是從你得到一個韓國名字開始,可以是任何東西,成為一個契機, 令自己的世界和視野擴闊起來,進入另一個境界。 這個轉變每個人都有機會。 而韓文對我就像魔術般令我轉變, 我覺得韓文很適合我,我的口就像與生俱來般可說出韓文。 讀,寫,發音,聽,吃東西,看。。。。。 用盡我的氣力去學韓文,從中領悟出韓國的美。 從"韓國剛"中, 我發現現在我可以毫不猶疑地去作任何新的嘗試, 就像現在,我剛在我的新領域中起步!