My [Hotel Venus + Boku] trip
by Still dreaming Totoro

Totoro is still busy after the trip, and as lazy as usual, so this journal have just been completed, after 2 weeks from the trip.

Totoro decided to go to the film premiere once the date for the movie was announced, cause it is one of the chances that we can see Tsuyoshi face to face, we must catch this chance.  However, there was no news about the premiere.  Ah Q said, "[Hotel Venus] is a kind of special movie, so the chance that it will be shown in Hong Kong is really low, it's better to fly over to Japan and watch this movie."  Great, since there is accompany, let's go!  We booked the flight at once.

We paid attention to the official page for any news about the premiere, aiya~  In 27 February afternoon, an announcement was posted in the official page that starting on 3:00 p.m. the tickets for the 2 premiere shows will be sold, and this ticket is different from the pre sale tickets.  Wai~ so rush!  Totoro failed to call the friend in Japan for help.  Fortunately, Totoro was as lucky as usual~

5 March - Sunny

Totoro discussed our itinerary with Ah Q, we decided to make a [Hotel Venus + Boku] trip within 3 days.  We noted that the time takes from the airport to Tokyo, is the same as the one to Tatsumi, we decided to go to Tatsumi after we arrive at Narita.

We took "UA", which claim themselves as "#1 on time" flight, they keep their promise!  We arrived at Tatsumi at around 4:30 p.m., still sunny, so still have the chance to take some photos before sunset.  We walked towards the "road", "not kidding?!"  We saw a crew in the middle of the road, seemed that they were shooting the drama!  If we had to check the heart beat, it should go to "infinity".  We rushed to the crew with our luggage, yes, we took the luggage with us and rushed to Tatsumi to save time.  We were stopped by a staff in a distance.  We were not sure which drama was.... but just a minute, Tetsuro-san came out!  Carrying a big blue envelope.  We were so shocked!  Cause we had never thought of seeing Tsuyoshi there, actually never thought of seeing someone shooting drama!  But, but, we saw Tetsuro-san, so LUCKY~

Tetsuro-san walked on the road sadly, he walked to and fore several times.  Tsuyoshi looked genki, happy to see that.  Actually Tsuyoshi was quite busy that day, started Waratte Iitomo, then Just (TBS program), then shoot the drama, his schedule is as tight as ours. Haha!

We stood at the side of the road, then the staff asked us to go to the park nearby.  Sure we moved at once, we were willing to go anywhere except leaving there.  We did not stand close to Tsuyoshi, actually quite far away, however, other than the crew, no one was there except the two of us, we could see Tsuyoshi clearly.


After about 15 minutes, the crew started packing up, they were leaving, we did not know when Tsuyoshi left (we were still dreaming).  We took many photos after the crew left, and caught the sunset at this beautiful road.

We went to Harajuku and did the shopping, outside a building there was a big box, holding several latest issue of TV Station, with two pages of kakkoii Tsuyoshi, so HAPPY~


6 March - Sunny

Totoro went to the cinema for the film premiere early in the morning.  There was a long queue in the cinema, they were lining up to buy the souvenirs.  Then a staff told us that all the souvenirs were sold out, however, we can still order them by sending a postcard, so we'd better be seated.


Totoro did not expect much for the movie.  First, Totoro's Japanese is poor, and the movie is in Korean with Japanese sub-title, will it be too difficult for Totoro to understand?  Second, the movie was in a "blue & white" tone, why?  Why not in colour?   Third, a friend in Osaka watched the preview on 3 March and she commented, "the film is a bit over-dosed, especially the shooting method is quite unusual."  So..... in addition, Totoro slept very late last night, I was a bit afraid that I would fall asleep.....


Totoro watched the whole movie.  Maybe I had already known that the shooting method is quite unusual, I found that it is quite ok.  Besides, Totoro read many magazines stating the story of the movie beforehand, and basically [Hotel Venus] is a simple story, therefore though it is in Korean, it is not difficult to understand at all.  In the last part of the movie, Totoro eventually understood why the movie is in the tone of "blue & white", and started appreciating the tone used.  Moreover, there are many close up of Tsuyoshi in the movie!  Totoro was totally satisfied! (Haha, see, you know what Totoro was watching la, the movie?  Or just Tsuyoshi?)

Totoro should thank the director of the movie.  He thought that Cho Nan Kan was too weak in the TV series, he preferred a stronger Cho Nan Kan.  So he asked Tsuyoshi to become more muscular within 3 months time.  Great, so now we see is a healthy Tsuyoshi, not Nakamura.  This is good to Tsuyoshi too.

After the movie is the most important time.  Sure all of us screamed when Tsuyoshi came out.  He looked really good but very nervous.  He held his shirt tight with his left hand while talking, and stepped backwards, the staff reminded him to walk closer to the front.

While Shingo appeared, Totoro was one of the audience shouting "Shingo!"  Haha, Tsuyoshi was surprised, he really did not know that Shingo will show up?  Shingo got the attention at once!  However, he was forgive at once, as he claimed that "Tsuyoshi is my best friend."


Totoro rushed to meet the two friends and head to another destination of this trip,  Green Centre at Saitama, to find the tree of Nakamura.

Green Centre is a place worth visiting, other than the tree, there is a green house (the one where Nakamura and Midori went before the day they got married).

And in the park there is a train going around the park, quite interesting.  We spent some time at the park.

On the way we went to Sibuya, we went to the church where Nakamura and Midori got married.


We went to Shinjuku and Sibuya to search for those Tsuyoshi on cover magazines, busy, BUSY~

We watched [Hotel Venus] the second time at Sibuya.  We teased, "we went out all day, already quite tired and will go to sleep easily."  But we did not!  Getting to understand more about the movie when watching the second time.  Totoro like most the part where Owner and Cho Nan talked at the roof of the cafe, with "Yozona" as the background music, so meaningful.

We had to pack our luggage's in the night at my friend's home, we were leaving tomorrow.

7 March - Still Sunny, LUCKY~

A friend did not go to Tatsumi with us in the first day, we decided to go there again early in the morning.

Many people were jogging on the road, and we took many many photos there.  It is a bit different when comparing the road in the morning with the one in sunset.  We were glad that we went there again.


We went to watch [Hotel Venus] the third time, cause we really believed that there is no chance that the movie will be shown in Hong Kong, we'd better watched again and again.

We rushed to Takashima Department store for the photos show of [Hotel Venus].  Tsuyoshi went there in 6 March afternoon, but we went to Saitama.... TOO BAD!

We went to Ueno for the last shopping......

Our 3 days 2 nights [Hotel Venus + Boku] trip ended.

However, meeting "nama Tsuyoshi" twice in 3 days, "I AM STILL IN THE DREAM!"